Week 24: Pros and cons

By Published On: June 24th, 2014

Pregnancy is simultaneously miserable and wonderful. Today I took a […]

Cashen0623Pregnancy is simultaneously miserable and wonderful. Today I took a moment to reflect upon some of the things I miss terribly from my pre-pregnancy days. Then, since I’m not a total cynic, I added some aspects about pregnancy that I genuinely love (subject to change).
Things I miss about not being pregnant:

  • Having “skinny days.” You know those days where you tuck your shirt in and button your pants and feel thin and happy and carefree because you’re skinny? That doesn’t happen during pregnancy…ever. I’m so tired of elastic waistbands!
  • Not having to pee all the time. I haven’t had an uninterrupted night of sleep in months because of these frequent trips. I had to have Dan switch sides of the bed with me so I would be closer to the bathroom. Sometimes, when I’m washing my hands after using the bathroom, I literally feel like I have to pee again already.
  • No one ever said “How are you feeling?” (Note: I probably wouldn’t mind this so much if I could just say “Great!” and not be lying…)
  • Drinking tons of coffee for effect. I miss the busy work days with marathon meetings when I would drink almost an entire pot of coffee to get energized and ready for the day. There is something so exciting about a caffeine high that I miss from my
    seat on the decaf wagon.
  • Not having the wrath of the devil breathing fire down my throat just for eating some crackers. (Acid reflux is not my friend.)
  • Raw freaking sushi. Tuna. Salmon. Yellowtail. All of the above. I am sending someone on a fool’s errand to buy all the sushi in Baltimore when I’m in the recovery room at the hospital. I’ve had vegetable sushi a couple of times, but cucumber and avocado rolls are nothing compared to a spicy tuna roll. NOTHING.
  • The ability to walk up a flight of stairs and not get winded. Carrying around extra weight is never fun, but especially not when taking the stairs, If only taking the elevator one floor was not so embarrassing.

Things I love about being pregnant:

  • Ordering the pasta instead of the salad. (Maybe I wouldn’t have such a hard time climbing the stairs if I went with the salad more often.)
  • Getting pedicures and massages. Prenatal massage and pedicures are monthly expenditures I feel zero guilt about. The ability to relax, unwind and center myself is integral to my wellbeing, and my wellbeing an important part of preparing to be a mom. It’s pampering in the name of health—what could be better?
  • Having a new dimension in my relationship with my mom. I frequently start conversations with questions like “At what week did you start…” and “What should I do about…” these days. (Shout-out to my mom for being SO supportive!)
  • Thinking about the ways that our families will change. Both Dan’s and my parents will become grandparents for the first time, and they are all more than a little excited to meet our little girl. She is going to be the first in a new generation.
  • The “pregnant lady” parking spot. Granted, this spot is only available at Babies R Us, but damn if I haven’t felt awesome parking in it the three times I’ve been there!
  • My Snoogle. The end.