Week 24: The nesting phase

By Published On: January 23rd, 2015

My energy is like a roller coaster these days. One […]

My energy is like a roller coaster these days. One day I have so much I feel like I could run a marathon, but the next I feel like I was run over by a train. I’m two weeks away from my third trimester, so I know that’s just the way it goes—but one thing that is strange is the fact that I’m already going through the nesting phase. We still have 14 weeks left!
Our home that we currently live in is a three-bedroom house. It fits our family perfectly right now. Our daughter has her own room and our son has his. Being that our son is from my husband’s previous marriage, he doesn’t live with us full time. So his room is all ready for him on the weekends! We are in no hurry to move. Because with Barrett’s job it feels like we move every other week. So if we are in the same city, we are staying in our current house.
We spent our weekend picking out paint colors, looking at new beds and searching Hobby Lobby for decorations. We have decided to move Addie Rivers to her brother Hardy’s room and to turn her room into the boys’ room. Both kids need new beds, which seems like a little thing to do, but we quickly realized it is a big project. Not to mention a project that has to be done in 14 weeks. Also we want to make sure our 2-year-old is used to sleeping in a new bed in a new room before we bring home a new baby. How fun does that sound? A newborn and a 2-year-old keeping us up all hours of the night!
So Tuesday I spent the entire day cleaning the house. And when I say cleaning I mean cleaning! Scrubbing floors and counter tops, cleaning bathroomphoto1s and organizing the kids’ clothes. All of this was completely normal until I got out the baby stuff we have so far. When Barrett got home from work I was standing over a kitchen sink filled with about 20 bottles. “What are you doing?” he asked as soon as he walked in the door.
I replied with the normal answer, “I’m just washing these bottles for Hayes.” It didn’t seem strange until I said it out loud. Seriously, I have 14 weeks left, and I’m already washing bottles! I don’t remember the exact week, but I’m pretty sure it was around eight months when I started nesting during the last pregnancy. Three months to go, and I’m sure these bottles will get washed at least five more times. Hopefully we will get these rooms situated before the baby gets here, but if not, we know one thing is for sure: Hayes will have plenty of clean bottles!
I guess the nesting phase is different with every pregnancy. When did you start getting stuff ready for your little one?