Week 23: The time has come

By Published On: February 24th, 2017

When I find myself resorting to the old rubber band […]

IMG_5748When I find myself resorting to the old rubber band trick, I know it’s time to pull out the maternity wear. I sent Shawn up in the attic for my big box of maternity clothes, not really remembering what was even in there. Going through, I found all kinds of junk … and a few treasures. Some of these clothes are from my first pregnancy back in 2006/2007; I was surprised that most of them actually fit. Why surprised? Well, because I already weigh at least as much as I did when I delivered my first baby!
Some of the items are nice basics (lots of GapMaternity in there), but some are pretty dated. Then I have a stack I inherited from my sister-in-law, which I have never worn. I also have some good Ingrid & Isabel layering pieces from my second pregnancy. I cover all the seasons, but there’s less for summer for some reason. The array of sizes goes from an XS to an L, but the S and M fit me best. I need to get a donation box packed up because some of these things I know I’ll never wear again.
We’re leaving on a family vacation to Hawaii for the next week (!!!), so I was anxious to find swimsuits that would work. Unfortunately, the maternity swimsuits I found in the attic are huge on me! And some seem to have lost their elasticity. Next, I tried on my regular swimsuits (which I haven’t pulled out since last summer ended) and was pleased to find that they still look pretty cute—much more flattering than the too-big maternity suits. I’ll be wearing those and hoping they don’t stretch out too much!
I don’t want to spend a lot on new maternity clothes that I’ll only wear four months or less, especially if this is my last pregnancy, but I might need to break down and get a few things. I could at least use some updated jeans and a few summer tops that I really love. Recommendations, anyone?? Where do you shop for cute maternity clothes? I know I can find them online easily, but it’s nice to try on in person, too. We have a Pea in the Pod nearby, and H&M has a section. … Anywhere else, SLC people?
For now, until I have time to do a proper shopping trip (with three kids, I spend shockingly little time in fitting rooms these days), I’ll be making use of stretchy skirts, long tops and layers … and maybe a rubber band now and then.
In other news, my due date has been moved up a few days! Baby measured a bit larger than expected at the ultrasound, so my due date moved from June 25 to June 22. This puts me at 23 weeks along. Baby is just under a foot and just over a pound. Babycenter’s app says he’s the size of a large mango, but in the US we don’t often see mangoes that are 11 inches long! (If you know where to find one, let me know—I heart mangoes.)