Week 23: The one with the bacon

By Published On: October 20th, 2015

As discussed previously, my husband and I don’t learn the sex of […]

FullSizeRenderAs discussed previously, my husband and I don’t learn the sex of our babies ahead of time. As a result, this leads to 10 months of people, ourselves included, offering up guesses and predictions as to whether the baby is a boy or a girl. It’s part of the fun!
During my first pregnancy, my husband was convinced from day one that the baby was a girl. I had no feeling either way. I carried the baby up high and out wide, and all I wanted to eat was fruit and candy … and cupcakes. As many cupcakes as I could get my hands on. People started bringing me cupcakes because it was so widely known that I needed cupcakes to survive the day. Once, my husband met me at an OB appointment and quietly pointed out that I had some dry skin on the end of my nose. After giving it a scratch, I discovered that it wasn’t dry skin … it was frosting from the cupcake I’d eaten for breakfast. Outsiders weren’t consistent in their predictions. Some said boy; others said girl. One point to my husband’s guessing skills: The baby was a girl!
Throughout my second pregnancy, my husband thought the baby was another girl. However, this pregnancy looked and felt much different than my first, so I guessed it was a boy. I carried much lower and all out front. Everyone I came into contact with was convinced the baby was a boy—strangers on the street would look at me and say nothing but, “That’s a boy,” and keep on walking. All I wanted to eat were cheeseburgers and more cheeseburgers. I was right: It was a boy!
Pregnancy number three was tricky because there were a mix of indicators, but my husband again thought it was a girl. I carried the baby low, but also wide. People weren’t consistent with their guesses. All I wanted to eat was fruit and candy … and more fruit … and a lot more candy. Verdict: Girl!
So the position of the baby (high vs. low and wide vs. all out in front) doesn’t seem to be a strong indicator, but my food cravings have been consistent across three pregnancies. With both girls, I ate fruit and candy like it was going out of style. I don’t normally eat a lot of candy, but during those pregnancies I would easily down an entire bag of Sour Patch Kids in a single sitting. I would eat so many of them so quickly that the sour little flavor-crystals would burn my tongue and the roof of my mouth … but that didn’t stop me from eating another bag the following day. Yikes!
With my son, however, I can remember coming home from work one evening and announcing to my husband that I needed a cheeseburger and I needed it now. I didn’t have a single craving for anything sweet. It was all meat products, all the time.
FullSizeRender 9
Here we are now with baby number four on the way, and again, we’re all full of guesses. I seem to be carrying lower and out front, more like I did with baby No. 2 (a boy). As for food cravings? Well, the other day I was sitting in the car, waiting for the 5-year-old’s dance class to finish up, when I realized I was hungry … so I found a snack. Midway through that snack, I realized what I was doing. I texted my husband to inform him that I was sitting in the car, eating a bag of bacon that I had been carrying around with me all day … you know, just in case. Based on my “Safety Bag of Bacon” (and the many cheeseburgers I’ve been consuming), I’m going to guess that baby No. 4 is a boy.
In about 17 weeks we’ll find out for sure, and discover if my meat cravings are a reliable indicator of baby’s sex!