Week 22: What a might good man

By Published On: June 24th, 2016

This past Sunday I made sure to include my husband […]

This past Sunday I made sure to include my husband in the Father’s Day festivities. Even though his daughter hasn’t been born yet, he’s been an amazing father since the day we got a positive pregnancy test. The morning after we found out I was pregnant, Blake spent hours on the phone setting up the best of the best health insurance for me. He joked that he didn’t want to wait nine months to put a “Baby on Board” sticker on my car, although I knew he wasn’t kidding. From the moment we found out we were expecting, he’s been in protective dad and husband mode, and although sometimes it may get on my nerves, I’m incredibly grateful to have such an amazing partner in crime.
Week 22The father just doesn’t get enough credit during pregnancy, but I do understand why. After all, at face value the women are doing all the work. We carrying the baby for ten months and suffer through all kinds of pregnancy symptoms. Our bodies drastically change and our emotions become unstable. It’s a lot of work to grow a human, but being the partner of a pregnant woman can be a lot of work too. It’s not difficult to see the effect this pregnancy has had on my husband, too.
Blake couldn’t be more excited to become a father, and I can honestly say there hasn’t been an ounce of second guessing or hesitation from him. Though, the last five months haven’t exactly been a cake walk for him either. Aside from the normal mental and physical stress that pregnancy brings, we’ve loaded up our plate with the task of selling our small condo and finding a bigger rental. Blake has done all the heavy lifting, literally and figuratively. He’s made the phone calls, dealt with the realtors, scheduled the appointments, handled the repairs, moved the boxes, and so on and so on. All along the way, he’s also been trying to keep his anxious pregnant wife as calm and relaxed as possible.
I will be the first to admit that I can be a bit of a stress case. Add pregnancy hormones to the mix, and I can be downright hysterical at times. I’m not proud of it, but it’s true. Blake has been incredibly patient with me through all the little break downs and hissy fits. He helped to keep me as comfortable as possible during the nausea and exhaustion of the first trimester. He rubs my back and feet when they ache after a long day. He does everything he can to prevent me from overexerting myself, and no matter how annoying it may be at times, he’s constantly asking how I’m feeling. It didn’t take me long to realize that he’s under just as much stress as I am, he just does a better job at hiding it and doesn’t get as much credit as I do.
I know a woman who is also going through her first pregnancy, but with one major difference, her husband is on deployment. Kudos to her because I can’t imagine in the slightest what it would be like to go through this pregnancy without the unwavering support of my husband. I’ve always considered myself a fairly independent person, but now more than I ever, I am constantly leaning on him. No matter what comes our way as we prepare to bring our baby home, Blake has remained my rock and for that I will forever be grateful.