Week 22: Embrace it

By Published On: January 9th, 2015

It’s official—2015 is here, which means we have about four […]

photoIt’s official—2015 is here, which means we have about four months left until we meet our sweet little man. I know there are so many women who claim to love being pregnant, and I promised myself in September that I would be one of those. My last pregnancy was filled with little workouts, lots of ice cream and some major swelling the last two months. So I told myself at the beginning of this one that I would do a better job of being healthier all together.
In the first trimester dealing with the constant nausea was a nightmare. One night I was complaining about it, and my husband looked at me and said, “ Just embrace it.” That was easy for him to say. He wasn’t the one who almost got sick every five minutes. Finally when I entered the second trimester and it went away, I was loving my pregnancy. Then I would find myself complaining about my jeans getting too tight or the fact that my hips seemed to be growing on a daily basis. We were getting ready for bed one night, and I started to complain yet again. “Geez look at my hips!” And my husband replied, “Babe, you just have to embrace it!” Once again he wasn’t the one who had to say goodbye to his jeans for a while.
We traveled to Nashville to visit family for the New Year. It was about a four-hour drive, and the kids were in the backseat watching a movie, so we had a lot of time to talk. Barrett started talking about his New Year resolutions, and I realized I had not even thought about mine. He starts naming off his about working out five times a week and so on.
On Monday we went for out monthly checkup and everything was great. My doctor did the usual measuring my belly and listening to the heart beat. Afterward he started asking the same questions he does every month. “How are you feeling? Are you having any pain?” When I told him it was getting a little uncomfortable to run and that sometimes my stomach would start to cramp, he advised me it was probably best to lay off of the running if I am having any sort of pain and that walking would be just as good. As soon as he said this I thought, oh great bring on the extra weight.
I can’t even begin to count the times Barrett has already told me to “embrace it,” and it has made me realize how thankful I am that I have the ability to carry a child. I realize that there are so many women who would love to have the chance and can’t. I know the back pains and wide hips won’t last forever. I can’t believe I only have 17 weeks left. It seems like the weeks are flying by.
I was laying in bed a couple of nights ago and trying to think about these New Year resolutions, and I thought to myself, embrace it. I am going to take these last four months to completely embrace this pregnancy and love it. Growing hips and all!
Of course there are tons of little resolutions I came up with. Like exercising at least four times a week and eating a fruit or vegetable at every meal. But the main thing I want to do is love and be happy with my pregnancy.