Week 21: The old and the new

By Published On: February 17th, 2017

I’m having my third boy in a row, so you […]

I’m having my third boy in a row, so you might think I already have all the boy supplies I could possibly need. Like Ariel, “Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl; the girl who has … everything?” And I do have baby gear aplenty. But times have changed! Every year, there are new styles and amazing improvements on what came before.
The picture above shows my baby registry for my first boy—this came out in the July 2010 issue of P&N. And most of these items are still darling. See the argyle sweater-weave blanket from Elegant Baby? My son still sleeps with it at age 6, even though it’s steadily unraveling. The Blabla décor was adorable until my baby became a toddler and ripped it from the ceiling. I still love the Kushies play mat and Chicco walker from my registry—these are favorites I will definitely pull out and use again.
But there are a few items that won’t be making a reappearance. The glass bottles, for instance. I liked the way they looked (and the whole plastic-free concept), but one by one, they all shattered. I remember one exploding on the floor of babyGap—that was embarrassing.
Temptingly, there are some fresh and super functional designs I’ve been observing among the stroller set. For example, the Fawn Design bag. It has got to be the most popular diaper tote at mommy-and-me these days. I see it everywhere, and currently their website has every color sold out! And car seat covers. It seems like everyone is using the stretchy all-in-one style like those from Native Wilds or Covered Goods. It cuts down on diaper bag bulk—this one item acts as a nursing cover, car seat cover, cart cover, scarf, tablecloth, parachute. It’s versatile. I’ve also heard rave reviews about the DockATot, new since my last delivery. And it does look awesome. I love how snuggly it seems, and the fabrics are beautiful. It does remind me of the Snuggle Nest from Baby Delight, which has been around awhile but received an update since I last used it!
I am really excited to use a video baby monitor this time around. I’ve never had one before, but I decided I was due for an update in that department. I know it will contribute greatly to my peace of mind. I would also like to try a wrap this time. I’ve used many types of baby carriers but never the wrap. Hands-free is the way to be. Other than that, we could use a little style boost with some new accessories and fresh colors. I’ve started sewing drool-catching bandana bibs in cute fabrics, which makes me feel like a domestic queen. And I will be jumping on the leather moccasin bandwagon, although I’m late to that game!