Week 21: Shopping for baby

By Published On: March 28th, 2014

Yesterday, I received Target’s Baby Registry Planner in the mail. […]

28ee9154a9f111e3b0d112bf974e7a40_7Yesterday, I received Target’s Baby Registry Planner in the mail. It reminded me of their bridal registry guidelines, a book I’m sure I still have somewhere, but there was one difference: this baby registry guidebook was about half the size, but overwhelmed me twice as much as the bridal book did.
Am I the only one that feels this way? I can barely glance at a registry checklist without my heart hammering and my breath coming in short spurts.
Look, I know that as long as I have something to feed my baby, some bodysuits and a place for the baby to sleep, I’m good. But we all know that those short descriptions lead to bigger decisions like how am I going to feed this baby and with what? Picking a breast pump is not like picking a pack of Oreos (original, double-stuffed); I have to decide if I want electric or manual, double or single. And then I need to pick bottles, but each bottle comes with a list of different sized nipples to reduce gas, to reduce colic, to make upright feeding easier, etc.
You guys. I need to know a few things. Is my baby going to care about all of this as much as I do? Is there really that big of a difference between diaper disposal systems? Is Sophie the Giraffe really the Holy Teething Toy?
The thing is, even when I read Amazon reviews or talk to family and friends, I’m still torn on how I’m supposed to choose our baby gear and accessories. While one friend may rave about Tommee Tippee, another tells me that those things are a waste of money and that Playtex is the way to go. One family member tells me that a bouncer isn’t necessary because her kid hated it, while another tells me that she would be bald by now if it weren’t for hers. One lady in the grocery store will tell me that Pampers leak and cause diaper rash, while the other will urge me to get the store brand because “they’re all the same.”
My head is spinning.
When I registered for my wedding shower, I knew that I only had to please one person while picking things (hint: my husband was not this person). I could pick the glasses and cutlery I wanted because I wanted it. I could register for bedding and towels without worrying about my sensitive skin or if I would wake up one day, wrap myself in a towel after the shower and scream bloody murder.
I do not have this security while registering for baby things. I’m basically picking items for my baby to use, but I have no idea what she’ll use, what she’ll like or if she’ll hate everything I’ve chosen and oh God, she’s going to be in therapy for YEARS.
Breathing. I’m breathing.
So I have to know, how overwhelmed were you when shopping for baby things? Did you just choose things you liked? Did you trust your mom instinct and pick the first thing that caught your eye, regardless of others? Or did you just buy everything the store had to offer so your baby could try it out and return the rest? (Not going to lie, this seems like a viable option.)
Just tell me it’s not the end of the world if my kid hates the bath I pick out, OK? Because our kitchen sink isn’t going anywhere.