Week 21: Sew it begins

By Published On: February 24th, 2016

It’s amazing how pregnancy changes you. The physical changes are […]

selfieIt’s amazing how pregnancy changes you. The physical changes are expected, and moms assure you the maternal instincts will come—but I’ve experienced additional changes of self-discovery as a result of becoming pregnant. Naturally, I didn’t view my world the same way after finding out I was pregnant because I had a list of new things running through my head—one of those being B’s wardrobe.
This act of self-discovery started around the time Matt and I were talking about Valentine’s Day plans. We are saving as much money as possible right now, so we aren’t wining and dining too often, but he was very adamant about taking me on a hot date. I wasn’t complaining! With some time to mull it over, he said he would start planning an evening/weekend for us to spend together.
As I mentioned in a previous post, I have a hobby of stalking baby clothes—baby everything, really. I love mini wardrobes, but as I’ve searched through endless sale sections of baby boutiques and online shops, I’ve started noticing I can’t seem to find what I am looking for. I love clothing and think it’s so wonderfully representative of the person wearing it. Until babies grow, us moms get to choose what they wear. So fun … so expensive!
UntitledEverywhere I looked I started seeing pieces I would love to own. Eighty dollars for a coat? That’s my coat, not her coat. I started getting this itch to make my own baby clothes and design the things I wish I could find at an affordable price. I refuse to believe my choices consisted of overpriced outerwear or a stack of baby onesies with the phrase “Daddy’s Angel” written across the front. However, I didn’t have the tools or the knowledge to know where to begin. With our savings plan in full swing, it didn’t seem like the time to bring up technically unnecessary purchases, but I felt confident this could be a worthwhile investment. Matt, being the perfect human he is, highly encouraged me to take a look at what I could find.
After hours of comparing reviews and warranty plans, I found a winner! I decided on a Brother LB6800PRW (Project Runway, anyone?) sewing and embroidery machine. We swapped out our Valentine’s Day plans to invest into this idea of mine, and I really hope I can teach myself to sew! And yes, in case you are wondering, that is our kitchen table. Our kitchen is now a workspace (Matt is a musician … and a coffee fanatic, in case you thought that contraption on our table is for some other use) and we live in a 750 square-foot apartment. Woo!
sewingIn case anyone is wondering, I still got a gift on Valentine’s Day. I woke up to a bouquet of 13 roses—12 for me and one for baby B. I’m so thankful he included her in that; I know she will always know what it’s like to be adored and loved by her father. Likewise, I feel so loved by Matt. He is so quick to set aside his plans for what is best for our family.
I know the act of buying a sewing machine may not seem extraordinary, but I’m learning we as humans are meant to delight in the creation of something. I believe we were created, and God called it “good.” And I think we are meant to do the same with our time. Obviously creating a child is the epic example of this, but in our day-to-day life, we can still create things and delight in our creations. Matt helps to cultivate this in our home, and he empowers me to pursue all my ideas—no matter what! I am definitely starting from the bottom, but it’s exciting for me to share this in my post this week and breathe some movement into this project. Maybe if I learn quickly enough, I can make myself some maternity clothes … because this baby is growing fast! I can’t wait to have my baby here, whatever she’s wearing!