Week 20: Happy halfway!

By Published On: February 8th, 2017

It’s official. I am halfway through this pregnancy, and I […]

We celebrated the occasion by getting a print for the nursery. This adorable subliminal message will totally convince our wee one to sleep through the night, right?

We celebrated by getting a print for the nursery. This adorable subliminal message will totally convince our wee one to sleep through the night, right?

It’s official. I am halfway through this pregnancy, and I still can’t believe it! In honor of this special milestone, I’m sharing 20 things about life at 20 weeks. Here we go …
  1. The kicks are coming more frequently. What I used to only feel at night I can now feel a couple of times during the day, which never fails to surprise me when I’m working at my desk.
  1. Most are still too soft to feel from the outside, though. My poor husband gets so excited every time I say the baby is kicking, but he’s only felt them a handful of times.
  1. One night we were watching TV, and my husband randomly reached over and put his hand on my belly … without saying a word. I looked at him at said, “Whatcha doing?” He said he was trying to feel Birdie kick, and I laughed and said there wasn’t anything going on right then. It was sweet. And only slightly awkward.
  1. Birdie is our nickname for baby.
  1. Backstory on Birdie: In golf, a birdie means one under par, and our Birdie came along a little sooner than expected.
  1. It took about 17 weeks for me to get some morning sickness relief. For a while there I felt awesome, but it seems to be making an unfortunate comeback.
  1. I might be crazy, but I think the return of my nausea is linked with feeling the baby move. Most kicks and flips have a rolling kind of wave sensation to them, which reminds me of motion sickness.
  1. My other half and I joke that Birdie must want to be an only child because he/she isn’t making this pregnancy easy for me. (See No. 6 and No. 19.)
  1. I got out of bed the other morning to hear my husband say, “Woah, look at that belly.” (I think he meant it as a compliment.)
  1. Speaking of the bump, it’s now impossible to wear any of my prepregnancy pants (with the exception of sweats)—even the old rubber band trick fails me at this point.
  1. I also noticed my T-shirts are getting a tad short in the front. Looks like it’s going to be maternity clothes all the way pretty soon.
  1. We have our second trimester ultrasound in exactly one week. I cannot wait to see this tiny person up close!
  1. We’re still sticking with keeping Birdie’s sex a surprise. I’m slightly worried I’ll cave in the middle of the ultrasound, but only slightly.
  1. We also finally decided on a boy and girl name. I think we’re pretty set on them, but we’ll see if they suit our little one when he/she arrives.
  1. Side note: Is it just me, or are boy names really hard? We had our girl name picked out months ago. But boy names were SO tough for us to agree on!
  1. While we’re on the topic of guys and gals, I had the saddest realization the other day. I’ve spent weeks imagining what our life would look like with a little boy or little girl in it. But it just hit me that only one of those daydreams will become our reality in a few months, which kind of broke my heart a little bit. I’m sure my hormones played a part in all the emotions, too.
  1. My husband and I put together our very first piece of baby gear last week. It was a stroller, and thankfully it was a breeze to assemble. (Hooray for starting off on a good note! It made us both feel like, Yes, we can do this!)
  1. The baby stuff is starting to take over our to-be nursery, and our dog is paying close attention to all the new boxes. I added a basket to the growing stack of Birdie’s things that Fig (our pup) hadn’t yet seen, and when she wandered into the room later that night she barked her heart out at that strange intruder. Let’s hope she reacts more positively (and quietly) to the baby. Haha.
  1. I thought I was coming down with a cold. But now I am pretty sure it’s that rhinitis of pregnancy business. Whatever it is, my nose requires a constant supply of tissues in order to breathe. The one thing that seems to be helping: a humidifier. We actually got this for Birdie, but I busted it out a little early when I heard it could help with congestion. If you have any other tips/tricks/home remedies, I’m all ears!
  1. How can this pregnancy be halfway over already?! Maybe by week 39 I’ll be ready for this phase to be over and done with, but right now it all seems to be happening so fast.