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I still shiver when I think about the first few […]

photoI still shiver when I think about the first few weeks of my pregnancy. Addie Rivers usually comes in our room every morning around 6:30. She’s like our little alarm clock. I love these moments. The three of us get a few minutes to cuddle before we have to get out of bed for daddy to shower, mom to make breakfast and Addie Rivers’ morning cartoons.
But try adding a mom who wakes up every day for weeks and can barely make it out of bed. The smell of the breakfast I had to cook nearly killed me. When Barrett left for work I had sweet toddler who had no clue how I was feeling. All she wanted to do was play dress up, and all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and not move. Only it wasn’t just in the mornings. It was ALL DAY. It would come and go. One minute I would feel completely fine, and the next I was feeling awful. Some days Barrett would come home to a not so clean house. I would gladly sit in Addie Rivers’ room and watch her destroy things as long as she wanted. Sitting was pretty much the only relief I could find.
I love our daily routine. Three mornings a week Addie Rivers goes to preschool. This is the perfect time for me to do the stuff that’s extremely hard to do with a toddler pulling on your leg asking for 50 different things. The mornings I was experiencing the dreaded nausea weren’t as great. I had to force myself to get in the car to drop her off at school and then try to make a run to the grocery store for the week. I know pretty much every pregnant woman experiences this, but I was one of the lucky few that never felt sick with my first pregnancy—so this took me completely by surprise! I had so many people tell me I was having a boy this time because I wasn’t sick at all with Addie Rivers.
One morning I woke up and realized I didn’t feel sick at all. I went the whole day feeling pretty normal. From that moment on I haven’t felt sick again. Thank you, second trimester, for rescuing me! Our daily routine is back to normal and busier than ever during the holidays. So far I have felt amazing during this trimester. If it weren’t for my growing belly and sweet little baby kicks I might forget I was pregnant. I know this awesome feeling won’t last forever. Pretty soon I will be in the third trimester experiencing backaches and the duck waddle. I know it’s coming! For right now I am really enjoying how easy this second trimester has been. So to all you first trimester mamas, just hang in there. I promise there is light at the end of that tunnel. Pretty soon you’ll be feeling great. (Unless you are one of the few who have morning sickness the whole pregnancy.)

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