Week 19: I’m in a glass case of emotion

By Published On: November 20th, 2015

The first time I watched the movie “Anchorman” (the first […]

IMG_8632The first time I watched the movie “Anchorman” (the first of approximately 47 times), I had no idea Ron Burgundy was such a prolific philosopher. I just thought he was funny. But as I was thinking about my past week, I realized his wisdom. Recently, I have fallen into the “glass case of emotion” category.
I shed many a tear over this past week. Take Monday, for example. I was having one of my “why can’t I be a stay-at-home mom” feeling-sorry-for-myself kind of days. I dropped my daughter off at my parents’ house for the day and drove away, waving to my precious baby, and a tear slipped down my cheek. Luckily, my energetic and cheerful second graders were exactly the prescription I needed to get my mind off of little Olivia and on to two-digit addition with regrouping.
Then there were the three (three!) times I cried while actually at work this week. Once during a staff meeting (very professional, right?). Then we had an incredibly moving Veteran’s Day assembly on Friday, and I cried a multitude of times. There were enough tears that the five precautionary tissues I brought with me did not quite do the trick. Finally, during a staff workshop on Friday afternoon, I cried again listening to the story of a beautiful couple who lost their first two children within the hour each of them were born.
It was a rough week to be pregnant.
Because, as all of you fellow preggies know, when you’re pregnant you can barely keep your emotions in check. The tears come more easily (and now Christmas commercials are starting … yikes). But so do the other emotions. I laugh easier. I frustrate easier. I am basically a hot mess.
IMG_8633Today, our daughter went to the pediatrician for her 15-month visit. She is finally walking (yay!) and has finally broken out of the 14th percentile for weight (31 percent—woohoo!). I was thrilled. Not as thrilling? The four immunizations she had to receive. There were three boosters and a flu shot. All very important. But their importance doesn’t make them any less painful to tender 15-month old skin. As I was holding down her little hands and trying my best to kiss away her pain, I could feel my own tears start to mix with hers. Vaccinations are rough no matter if you are pregnant or not, but today was one of the worst. Darn hormones.
Because I’m currently 19-weeks pregnant, and last pregnancy I was able to go almost the full 40 weeks, I can anticipate another 21ish weeks within the walls of this glass case of emotion. And then there will be the beautiful period of postpartum. And nursing. Then going back to work. And … I think you might all be well advised to follow my lead and buy a little stock in Kleenex.