Week 18: Maternity must-haves

By Published On: November 13th, 2015

I am a big fan of lists. Sure, I make […]

image1I am a big fan of lists. Sure, I make lists of the usual things: Christmas gifts, things I need to do during the day, and books I want to read. But I also make lists of others things, like names I might want to use in future books or cookie recipes to try for the holidays. Pregnancy gives me a perfect excuse to put my listing habit to good use. During my first pregnancy, I had a list for everything: items I should register for, items I shouldn’t register for, potential girl names, potential boy names, things to put in the hospital bag, and last minute items that need to be added to said hospital bag.
For this week’s post, I thought a list was in order. This list includes some of the items and products I have found to be essential during pregnancy. If you are newly pregnant, pregnant and looking to satisfy a shopping itch, or just enjoy lists as much as I do, I hope you’ll find something useful!
Michelle’s Top Five Maternity Must-haves:

  • Belly bands

Belly bands are such a blessing, especially during the end of the first trimester and beginning of the second. You know, that period where you don’t really fit into your normal clothes, but maternity clothes are still too big and baggy. That glorious time is where the beauty of the belly band is so greatly appreciated. There are a variety of belly bands available. I’m kind of thrifty (hazard of the education field), so most of mine are Ingrid and Isabel BeBands from Target, but I also love the higher priced Ingrid and Isabel Bellabands. They help smooth, they help your pants stay closed, they come in a variety of colors, and they are a must.

  • Stretch mark cream

I don’t know if it was due to the cream or to decent genetics, but I am happy to say I did not get any stretch marks when I was pregnant with Olivia. I religiously slathered myself with Honest Company Belly Balm after every shower. It smells good, it’s rich and super moisturizing, and it certainly did the trick for me! My sister also had very good luck with Palmer’s cocoa butter lotion. Either way, I highly recommend some type of stretch mark cream.

  • Preggie Naturals Chews/Preggie Pops

I am lucky because I haven’t had to deal with morning sickness during either of my pregnancies. I feel sick during the first trimester, but I don’t actually get sick. For those of you who do and the rest of us who just get the quesies, Three Lollies has a whole line of fantastic products to help combat it. My personal fave is Preggie Naturals Chews. There are three flavors that are actually fairly tasty and really do help settle your stomach. The instructor of our birthing class suggested tossing some in the hospital bag in case labor brought on sick feelings. I’ve also found them to be helpful on car rides! I have also heard great things about the ginger chews available at Trader Joe’s.

  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Tea

I am a coffee girl. But I also enjoy a good cup of tea, especially when I’m pregnant and the weather is starting to get nice and crisp. I love Earth Mama Angel Baby teas. There are a variety of kinds that each have their own special purpose. I used the Organic Milkmaid tea image2when I was nursing Olivia and I needed a cup of the Heartburn tea today, but my very favorite is the Organic Peaceful Mama tea. It makes a lovely nighttime drink while curled up under a blanket with a good book (or a stack of papers to grade).

  • Fre Alcohol-Removed Wine

As much as I am a coffee girl, I am also a wine girl. It’s my favorite drink, and I greatly miss being able to have a glass while watching “The Bachelor” during pregnancy. Enter Fre–my love. Fre is an alcohol-removed wine created by Sutter Home. There are six flavors and I have sampled half of them. Not one of them tastes exactly like wine, but the flavor is reminiscent of wine, which is better than no wine at all, in my opinion.
And there they are, my friends! My top five must-haves for pregnancy. And now I want to know: What tops your list of musts?