Week 17: The makings of a bump

By Published On: January 18th, 2017

Growing a bump, much like growing—well—anything, is a slow process. […]

image1Growing a bump, much like growing—well—anything, is a slow process. Until this week, the bulk of my expansion has been about 6 inches north of my belly. I was beginning to wonder if my baby mistakenly migrated to my boobs because they were outpacing my midsection by a long shot. But then, the other day I picked up a large box (it wasn’t heavy, just big), and as I held it against the front of my body I realized my stomach was the first AND ONLY thing it touched.
Woah. When did that happen?
While it is amazing to see some outward indication of the wee one growing inside me (you go, baby!), if I’m being completely honest I’m not loving the current state of my middle.
There is definitely more of it, as recently pointed out by said cardboard box and two other people who commented on how my bump was making an appearance. (I should note that both already knew I was pregnant—I think strangers are still too uncertain to speak up about my belly. Maybe I’m pregnant … or maybe I’ve just dipped into the cookie jar a few too many times. It’s hard to tell.) But my stomach, as it currently stands, is not something I feel compelled to show off. In fact, it’s kind of the opposite, which is why you haven’t seen a bump photo from me just yet.
I realize body changes are par for the pregnancy course, and I’m not saying I hate the way I look—I look like I’m growing a tiny human … because I am. But it’s easy to feel frustrated when your uterus is still on the rise and the majority of your girth growth spurt remains on the low end of your abdomen, looking more like an unfortunate gut than a budding babe. I jokingly tell my husband it’s my “lump” because it hasn’t fully reached “bump” status yet. But in a couple more weeks, it will—and when that time comes, give me all the side-ruched tops because I will wear them with pride.
Mamas, I’d love to know when your bump finally “popped”? Or are you still in the awkward early bump stage, like me?