Week 16: A wild ride so far

By Published On: September 30th, 2014

Hello there, readers! My name is Emily, and I am […]

Hello there, readers! My name is Emily, and I am the newest Knocked Up blogger for P&N. Currently, I live in Denver, and I’m 16 weeks along with my second child. My husband Jeff, and I have a little boy named Boone who just turned 2 years old. Being just a few weeks away from the halfway point of growing this babe seems like a perfect time for me to look back on the first couple months of pregnancy and catch you up on what’s happened so far.
IMG_5044I found out I was pregnant at the end of June while I was visiting my parents in Missouri and my husband was back in Colorado. I was so excited to share the news with him that through the hormones and fragile emotions, I decided to be oh-so-2014 and use the old smart phone to deliver the news. Through a combo of a call and a picture text message, my husband found out #2 was on the way.
After my first OB appointment, I found out that because Boone popped out of the womb six weeks early, doctors were “strongly encouraging” that I begin Progesterone shots in the second trimester to try to lessen the chances of a premature birth this time around. That requires a shot every week, from week 16 to week 37. Grrrreeeat. Not exactly the perfect pregnancy that I had envisioned, but as an anxious pregnant person, I was happy to agree to anything that would help my little babe stay inside until springtime. A few pokes can’t be so bad!
A month later, my husband came home with the news that his work would be moving us to Kentucky in a month. Now this wasn’t out of the blue; my husband’s job moves us quite a bit, but it definitely threw another curveball into this pregnancy. Who doesn’t want to find a new doctor, in a new city that you know nothing about, halfway through her pregnancy? (Hand raised right here!)
Then, one Friday night in early September, I started having a weird pain in my lower stomach. Well, fast-forward 24 hours, the pain moved to my ominous right side. After lots of worried nudging from my mom, I was sitting in an ER being told that I would be having my appendix removed at 14 weeks pregnant. Believe me when I tell you that is NO fun. Besides the fact that I had never had surgery, the thought of having any sort of major medical procedure while growing a little one inside of me was scary. I am not going to lie, I was a blubbering, tearful mess in my hospital bed before I had to kiss my husband goodbye and get wheeled into surgery. Thankfully, a quick 15 minutes later, Jeff got the call that everything went exactly as planned, and I woke up from my anesthesia to the sound of my baby’s healthy, strong heartbeat galloping from the doppler. Phew!
So, this baby is definitely a tough cookie so far. I’d love for you to check back each week as I share our remaining 24ish week adventure with this little one!