Week 14: An ode to my husband

By Published On: October 16th, 2015

As I was sitting down to draft this post, I […]

As I was sitting down to draft this post, I said to my husband, “I’m not sure what I should write about this week.” He immediately responded, “Probably how great husbands are.” I laughed my obligatory laugh and then started thinking … he’s right.
Husbands are pretty great. At least, most of the husbands I know. Like my dad, my brother-in-laws, and especially my own. Even though I might not have been so complimentary in the early months of Olivia’s life. (You know, when I didn’t understand if he couldn’t see the dirty bottles in the sink or just didn’t care. And when I scowled in the middle of the night as he got back into bed while I settled in for another marathon nursing session.) But, in honor of Dave’s suggestion and as a beacon of hope to new moms who find themselves equally frustrated with their husbands in the early weeks of their little nugget’s life, here is my week 14 post: An ode to my husband.
Please bear with my rhyming and meter. It is not perfect. But because I’m not submitting it for AP English, I’m not too worried about it.
Ode-to-husbandHe offers advice, even when I don’t ask,
Only slightly grumbles when given a task.
He suggested the topic for this very blog,
When baby won’t sleep, he takes her for a jog.
When I suggest ice cream, he brings back a treat,
He’s friendly with all the neighbors on our street.
His back rubs, I promise, are second to none,
Sometimes I’ll come home and the cleaning is done.
He helps to make dinner and grills like a pro,
When I “need” things from Target, he just says, “Let’s go.”
He beats me in Scrabble whenever we play,
I still don’t know quite how, to this very day.
He loves traveling to Disney as much as I do,
Repairs old 4-wheelers and makes them like new.
His sense of humor’s the one I always dreamed of,
Two weeks with him, and I knew it was love.
He’s friends with my family and loves them like his own,
Quips “That’s what she said” jokes, and grins as I groan.
He leaves drawers that aren’t closed and car parts on the table,
But whenever I need him, he’s willing and able.
The best thing of all is his love for our girl,
It is easy to see Olivia is his world.
I can’t wait to see him with Baby No. 2,
He’ll kiss their sweet face, and whisper, “Love you.”
I’m the luckiest girl to call this guy mine,
I’m so thankful he was part of God’s great design.
*You don’t get sappy from me too often, dear readers. So, enjoy this one.