Website we love: Name of the Year

By Published On: January 6th, 2012

As moms (and dads)in search of the perfect title for […]

As moms (and dads)in search of the perfect title for your soon-to-be titleholder, you deserve a little break from the hard work of name-finding. We’ve got the perfect place to kick back for a laugh and realize that really, whatever name you pick for your babe, it could be worse.

Name of the Year is a blog founded by college students way back in 1983, and it serves solely, as a tournament to crown the craziest sounding, bonafide names around. You can nominate names you think worthy and see how far they make it in the brackets, though with picks like Taco B.M. Monster and Heidi Hohl, you’d better set your standards pretty high (low?) to be a serious contender.
You can check out their Names of the Year for the past 29 years, read about the real people behind the ridiculous-sounding names and vote in the competition for the name that most makes you go huh? and see if it takes the tourney.
But most of all, you can give yourself a nice break from the name selecting for your own pint-sized human and remind yourself that the sky’s the limit. But maybe it’s not always a good idea to go that far.