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By Published On: July 1st, 2015
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Watermelon As its name implies, this fruity favorite contains plenty […]

As its name implies, this fruity favorite contains plenty of H2O. It’s the perfect summertime treat, so go ahead and savor a wedge (or three).
Iceberg lettuce
This leafy pick is often overlooked for darker, more nutrient-dense greens, but what it lacks in vitamins, it makes up for in water, boasting the highest content of any lettuce.
At a measly 6 calories per stalk, this lean veggie is the ideal water (and peanut butter) delivery system.
With antioxidants galore, these red bulbs are worth rooting for. Slice them up to pile onto salads and coleslaws for a peppery kick.
This green hydrating machine packs the highest water content of any food. Toss some in a salad, blend it into a chilled soup, or eat it by the slice with a dollop of hummus.

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