Walk this way

By Published On: September 1st, 2013

Ready or not While many babes begin walking by their […]

babywalking-web-onlyReady or not
While many babes begin walking by their first birthdays, it’s not uncommon for some tots to reach 14 or 15 months before giving it a go. Walking is all about confidence, and every child learns at her own pace.
Lean on me
Kneel in front of your baby and hold her hands to offer balance and comforting stability as she explores her own two feet.
No shoes, no problem
Babies sometimes have trouble learning to walk when they’re tripping over clunky shoes. When you’re indoors, barefoot or soft-soled shoes are the way to go.
Baby steps
Once your wee one begins standing up and grasping the furniture, start using her favorite toys as motivation to move. Place a chair with a toy next to where she is standing and have your baby cruise on over. With each success, gradually move the chair further away.
If your child has reached 18 months without showing any signs of taking the next step (or rather, her first step), talk to your doctor to see if there’s cause for concern.