Wait… was that the baby?

By Published On: October 25th, 2012

Written by: Z. Briggs October 24 2012 One of the […]

Written by: Z. Briggs

One of the things that I’ve been most excited about is getting to feel the baby move for the first time. It’s such an amazing thing and one that I’ve been looking forward to over the last few months. At about 18 weeks I began trying consciously to keep track of any kind of anything that might be happening, so that I could turn to my husband Chad and say, “That’s it! I felt it! That’s the baby!”

I sought out other sources to find descriptions of what I might be looking for. Let me just say that I feel that the word flutter is WAY overused. After seeing it repeated again and again I began to get a little annoyed—couldn’t some of these women come up with any kind of descriptive word other than “flutter?” One woman on a podcast I listened to described it as the feeling that you get when you’re at the top of the hill of a rollercoaster and just start to go down. Hmmmm—well, I feel really tapped into what’s happening with my body—but I don’t feel any flutters. I do however feel twinges. But, then with everything else that has been happening, I started to wonder if maybe these twinges were actually gas, since my whole digestive system has been in the slow-lane for a while now.

So, I did what any plugged in lady would do—I posed the question to Facebook. I wrote a short but sweet post “Baby kick or gas… I just can’t tell.” The responses were quite fun to say the least! Everything from “It’s the baby! (who cares if it’s gas, I say baby ☺)” to “it’s baby gas.” Ha ha! But my friend who just gave birth a few months ago chimed in and said “The kicks felt like popcorn to me.” This was so helpful. Something besides fluttering to be on the lookout for!

And so about 5 days later I’m sitting after dinner and I feel some twinges and I think—Yeah, that is kind of like popcorn. Just then, I decided yes that’s it, I’m going to say it “Honey, honey—that’s it! I felt it! That’s the baby!”
“Yeah?” asks Chad.
“Yes!” I said. “Clearly, our baby is more of twinger than a flutterer.”