Wagamama Baby Zabu

By Published On: January 28th, 2010

After struggling to put together our play yard at a […]

After struggling to put together our play yard at a hotel one night, my husband and I decided that there had to be a better option out there for our family travels. I set out looking for an alternative to the traditional travel bed with one objective in mind: fast, easy setup.
I was delighted when my sister-in-law introduced me to the Baby Zabu by Wagamama Baby, which perfectly fit our needs.
WagamamaBabyZabuAndBabyThe Baby Zabu met my criteria of fast and easy and came with a few unexpected bonuses as well. It is very lightweight, so it’s much easier to carry than some other options. My son seems comfortable and happy in the Baby Zabu, and it’s also easy to use as a changing pad or play area while on the go (keeping your little one off yucky hotel beds and floors!). Setup is complete within minutes and is simple enough for even the most sleep-deprived parents—you simply unroll the mat from the carrying strap and tie up the sides. Super quick and easy, even with a sleepy baby!
My son always appears comfy in his baby Zabu, whether he’s playing or napping. It is soft enough to be comfortable, yet firm enough that I know my baby is safe. The bed is made from a plush cozy material and is available in several fun and modern prints, and two different sizes.
The other things that I love about the Baby Zabu are the hidden treats that I didn’t initially even think of. My son plays in his often since the walls are just high enough that our little Pomeranian Greta won’t try to peak over and steal his toys. (She’s still getting used to the idea that not every small, squeaky toy in the house is hers!) We’ve also taken it to the park for picnics. And my sister-in-law retired her Baby Zabu after her kids were too big to use it and turned it into a dog bed for her Labrador Retriever. The possibilities are endless!
Storing the Baby Zabu when it’s not in use is very easy: You simply roll it up and store it in the carrying strap. However, I like to leave my Baby Zabu flat and slide it under my son’s crib since we use it frequently and storage space is scarce in our house. When we need it at home I just pull it out and tie up the sides, and if we need it for travel I just roll it up and use the carrying strap to tote it.
If you do use a play yard frequently, the Zabu fits nicely inside, adding a little extra cushion for your little one. And since it is machine washable, keeping it clean is a cinch. I love my Baby Zabu and highly recommend it to other moms looking for a multi-use travel bed!
Price: $88-$118, depending on size
Buy it: wagamamababy.com