Vivitar DVR 925

By Published On: December 9th, 2010

Photo documentation of every detail of my child’s first years, […]

Photo documentation of every detail of my child’s first years, followed perhaps by a finely decorated scrapbook showcasing the wonder of his “firsts,” was something I once believed to be a necessity.
However once my second babe came into the world, I found myself without the time to constantly snap photos let alone paste them to the pages of a scrapbook and surround them with cut-outs and stickers. As it turns out, juggling having a toddler running around while you’re caring for an infant means a lot less free time for Mama.
VivitarSo when I was asked to try out the Vivitar DVR 925, a digital video recorder that snaps stills as well as videos, I thought about how much time I would have to set aside to test it out and I felt like it would be nearly impossible. Boy, was I wrong.
The Vivitar DVR925 is small and lightweight so I can tuck it easily into my diaper bag or purse and pull it out quickly to capture those adorable sibling love moments between my little guys. It turns on, zooms, focuses and takes pictures or film right away. So all that “extra” time I thought I’d have to find to devote to this video venture, I ended up not needing at all. The camcorder fits wonderfully into our daily lives.
Even sharing the stills and videos is easy peasy. Use the included cords to hook the camera up to your computer and uploads begin automatically. Then share via email or virtual albums and say goodbye to stickers and glue scrapbooking. Or you can take the memory card to your local photo center and print stills to share.
The DVR 925 uses a rechargeable lithium battery so you never have to worry about finding those AAs. And because it doesn’t come with a memory card, you can choose just how much memory you want to have. If you think you’ll be more into shooting videos rather than stills, I’d suggest going heavier on the memory. Think of it as an investment in your child’s history.
Price: $80
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