Vivique Premium Denim

By Published On: October 27th, 2010

Hate the awkward months of pregnancy when your prepreggers jeans […]

Hate the awkward months of pregnancy when your prepreggers jeans are too snug, but your bump isn’t quite big enough for maternity jeans? Me too. Vivique to the rescue!
The patent-pending FitWise waistband on their jeans may just become your hero.
ViviqueI was a couple months along and none of my clothes were fitting, but I wasn’t ready to take the plunge into the world of mom-to-be fashion. So what did I do? Bought regular clothes in bigger sizes, of course. And it worked. Sort of. But I didn’t exactly feel attractive. Then Vivique sent me a pair of their Premium Denim Slim Leg Jeans, and my life suddenly changed. These aren’t your typical maternity jeans, you see: Instead of a wide, elastic waistband, Vivique jeans have a waistband that mimics prepregnancy jeans but with hidden, smaller elastic inserts that give your belly the room it needs without shouting out, “I’m pregnant!” Just because my belly was expanding didn’t mean I had to look huge everywhere—and I didn’t have to break down and venture into GapMaternity just yet. (Although, when I finally did, it wasn’t so bad.)
I’ve worn my Viviques time and again over the last couple months and they’re still fitting remarkably well. While they may not provide enough belly room to allow me to wear them to the hospital on D-day, they should have my first seven months or so of bump-sporting pretty well covered. (I have a feeling I’ll be wearing them again postpartum too!)
Not only did the prepregnancy-like waistband of these jeans ease me into the idea of a maternity wardrobe, but the dark wash and stretch of the denim keeps me from feeling like you’re settling for “mom jeans.” I love the flattering slim-cut leg too. These jeans can take me from casual Friday at the office to a fun dinner out with my man. For those of you willing to make an investment in your maternity wardrobe, Vivique Slim Leg Jeans are absolutely worth it.
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