Veg out: It’s National Farmers Market Month!

By Published On: August 28th, 2012

If you’ve been spending more time in the bakery department […]

If you’ve been spending more time in the bakery department than the produce section lately, try taking a break from the grocery store this weekend and visit your local farmers market instead. It’s National Farmers Market Month, and there’s no better way to celebrate than by bringing the farm-to-table movement to your very own dining room. From fruits and vegetables to meats, cheeses and other dairy products, farmers markets provide a variety of fresh ingredients that inspire healthy meals. There is also generally a wider variety of organic produce and hormone-free proteins available, which ensures a more nutritious meal for both you and your growing bambino. Better still, by supporting your local farmers market, you are also supporting the farmers who work to provide healthier options for their community.
Ready to grab your basket and stock up on fresh goodies, but have no idea where to go? Check out the USDA Farmers Market Directory. Not only does it list the location of nearby farmers markets, but it also details what types of products are sold and what forms of payment are accepted at each one. The directory also features the operating hours and seasonal schedule of each location, along with contact information when available. This allows you to confirm availability before leaving the house (and avoid showing up to a summer-only market in the middle of October!).
Tip: Ask your local farmers for recipes! Remember, they are the people who invested their time and energy into cultivating these products, so they likely know some of the best ways to serve them. Bon appetit!