Valco Quad Stroller

By Published On: November 15th, 2010

I am loving the Valco Quad, Valco’s newest “hybrid” stroller. […]

I am loving the Valco Quad, Valco’s newest “hybrid” stroller. It has all the great features of their popular 3-wheel strollers in a cool, lighter-weight 4-wheel design.
ValcoQuadThe Quad is fairly easy to put together. (It took my hubby about 10 minutes without the instructions!) Where the Quad really shines is in all of its cool features. My favorite is the seat pad and infant head hugger. It is absolutely the softest, most comfy insert I’ve seen in any stroller. It reminds me of a really nice infant car seat insert. I hate to see babies slumped over in strollers, but that will not be a problem with the Quad!
The Quad has a great sitting-to-sleeping incline that is super easy to control, making it great for sleepy newborns and curious toddlers. In addition, the extended canopy—which can be zipped up for a shorter canopy or zipped out for a longer canopy—makes this a great stroller for children of varying heights and ages.
Another standout feature of the Quad is its adjustable handlebar. It is so easy to adjust with just the push of a button and has an amazing range, adjusting from 6”2 to 5”2. I think my toddler might even be able to push this stroller comfortably with that kind of range!
The air-filled rear tires and swiveling front wheels make for a nice smooth ride on any terrain. And if you’re a night walker, the reflective accents make this stroller a must-have! Overall, this is a great stroller. I’m very happy with my new Valco Quad.
Price: $500
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