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By Published On: February 1st, 2015

As a first-time mom, every part of parenthood is new […]

As a first-time mom, every part of parenthood is new to me. I have always been an active person, but being a working mom took away everything—including my workout time. I have been looking for jogging strollers for quite sometime now, but the prices scared me. On the other hand, the cheaper, lower-end strollers were pathetic. The Urbini Avi Jogger is an amazing deal that comes with most of the features pricier joggers offer.

Assembly took about 10 minutes with the instruction manual proving adequate guidance. This stroller is a little on the heavier side than others I had tried, but honestly I think that goes to the advantage as the weight provides good sturdiness on uneven terrain. The canopy has two folds and consequently can be adjusted into two positions to fit the weather or your baby’s mood. The peekaboo window is a plus—so I don’t have to keep telling my baby I’m there to reassure her. The see-through pouch with an elastic opening is great for keys or your cellphone while you jog. The cup-holder is included, so there’s no headache having to buy extra accessories, as is the case some other strollers out there.

The storage basket comes with more than adequate space, which could hold most (if not all) of the innumerable things you have to carry when you go out with a baby. The handle bar adjusts to different heights or body postures, and this adjustment is easy and fixed once done. The one-touch break for the two back wheels is very easy to set up and release. The front wheel offers a swivel position, as well as a lock position that works best for me when jogging for that extra control. For the casual stroll in the malls and stores, I use the swivel option, and it works great for maneuvering through the narrow aisles. It’s a wonderful feature!

The extra front handle offers security for the child on very uneven surfaces. A feature worth mentioning is the strap on the handle that you put your hand through, so if you loose your grip going down hill, the strap still connects you with the stroller.

There is ample space for your baby to fit comfortably in the seat. I was worried about my daughter’s reaction when I took her out for a ride for the first time. Ultimately the baby’s comfort is most important, which is why I chose to jog with her in the first place (so she’s not away from me for even more time after spending a long day in daycare). I was so happy to see my little one cozy in her seat, thanks to the really great suspensions on this jogger. In fact, she enjoys our rides and keeps singing all along until she falls asleep—usually by the time our ride comes to an end. This shows just how comfortable she is.

The stroller is quite easy to fold once you get the hang of how to do it correctly. It did take me a little while to learn the process, but now I have no problems. The stroller fits into our mid-sized car trunk. The only drawback is that it is a little heavy to carry around; also to stand by itself, the wheels need to be in the correct position, or it won’t work. All in all, it is an amazing stroller with great features for a very reasonable price. Considering that the projected maximum weight is 65 pounds, with my one-year-old, I hope to get the maximum and best use out of it for years to come—and with its durability, I’m not worried about it lasting.

Price: $200
To buy: urbinibaby.com

By Kalyani

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