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Postpartum wellness is so important, but it often gets put […]

Postpartum wellness is so important, but it often gets put on the back burner with a newborn in the house. A belly wrap is an easy way to do something proactive for your recovery that doesn’t require too much thought or effort, but not all wraps are created equal. The Upspring Shrinkx Bamboo Charcoal Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap is a game changer for new moms looking to do add daily support to their post-baby bodies. Let’s break it down on what this product offers and how it can benefit your healing process.

As the name states, this wrap is made out of bamboo and charcoal fibers which do a lot for you when in use. First, it’s not only comfortable, but incredibly flexible to fit different shapes and sizes—from the day after delivery to months postpartum. It uses Velcro strips to secure in place and additional side straps are added for customized compression needs. I was able to wear this product in bed while nursing as well as at my desk once I returned to work. I felt strapped in a good way—secure and supported. (One of my co-workers told me my posture looked exceptionally great!)

One worry I had prior to trying this product was whether or not it would make me too hot. I have had two summer babies, so added heat was not welcomed. The material is super breathable, so you don’t sweat too badly underneath. On the same hand, the bamboo charcoal technology works by heating up when against your body to improve circulation, lessening swelling and speeding up recovery in an efficient fashion.

My two cents
Honestly, stuffing myself into this baby wrap was pretty great for my post-baby healing and attitude. I felt more tight and “together,” which helped keep my mind on my wee one instead of my stomach. It may sound silly, but seeing a semi-familiar silhouette in the mirror after delivering was relieving, and the added support did wonders for my back (especially while also wearing a baby).

I worked out throughout my pregnancy—so I know that helped with bouncing back—but I can honestly say at 12 weeks postpartum, I am only a few pounds away from my pre-pregnancy body. I look back to normal, given a few marks and stretches here and there (this was my second baby). And speaking of the gym, this wrap has been great for postpartum fitness. I wear it to run, lift weights and row, and it keeps up with my high intensity interval training classes. (Also, let’s be honest, it was nice having a corset-like barrier underneath all that spandex!) I obviously got super hot during a workout, but this wrap always allowed my skin to breathe without getting irritated. All in all, the Upspring Shrinkx belly wrap became my second skin.

Things to know
Caring for this product is easy-peasy. Simply hand-wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. You can start wearing your wrap immediately following delivery, and the instructions clear use during the day and night for best results. If you have had a C-section, wait to use this product after your abdominal pain has subsided and you can wear it comfortably. If you’re looking to add some additional compression, Upspring also offers a postpartum hip band to get you back to your pre-pregnancy self.

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