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Friends, the UPPAbaby team knows strollers! We’ve struggled to find the […]

Friends, the UPPAbaby team knows strollers! We’ve struggled to find the best double stroller for our 6-month-old and toddler. I’ve read about and tried many others with little success. But with the UPPAbaby VISTA and G-LINK, we now have two strollers that keep each child comfortable and happy in whatever voyage we choose.

UPPAbaby-ComparisonThe UPPAbaby VISTA and G-LINK are kind of hard to compare because they really serve two different purposes. We’ve found that the G-LINK is best for travel, acting most like an umbrella stroller, and the VISTA is best for common outings—think mornings in the park and neighborhood walks.

So, with the caveat that they’re both wonderful and incredibly useful, here’s my in-depth comparison …

UPPAbaby-GlinkThe G-LINK is a lightweight side-by-side ride that has become our new go-to stroller, particularly for traveling. It is so lightweight (only 24.5 pounds!) and versatile. When we received the box, we were instantly thrilled—we always assume any double stroller will weigh a ton, and this one didn’t!

Assembly was straightforward with easy-to-follow directions and clear, colored illustrations. All we had to do was “click” in the front wheels, release the fold latch to open the stroller, and hold a release handle while stepping on a pedal with an audible “click” to let us know it was secure. There were no tools required, and it literally took us about two minutes. I was very impressed with the G-LINK aesthetically. It is not bulky, and the color and design appear sleek, modern and of high quality.

Once it was set up, we took a deep breath and dove in to testing. First, our 2-year-old. We settled her in and easily adjusted the seat harness by sliding a plastic clip. Depending on a child’s height, the seat harness can be adjusted by moving the strap through various slots in the seat back. The restraint buckle passes over both shoulders and around the lower waist to click together in front. The footrest can also be lifted or lowered depending on preferred position. The seat back easily raises and lowers to four different positions with one hand using a squeeze release lever. It’s super easy and amazing for naps!

UPPAbabyGlink2With our daughter situated, we added our infant. We were delighted to find there’s an infant insert with a head roll that can be secured in place using the shoulder harness while the seat is fully reclined. There is also a mesh foot barrier that snaps into place on each side, as well as a head barrier. (The most upright position is not meant for infants less than 6 months old.)

Within minutes both kids were happily and securely positioned in their seats. We attached the canopies, which are somewhat independent to each child. (One side cannot differ by more than one position before the other side needs to be adjusted. If forced too far, the Velcro that attaches it to the back can loosen—truly the only downfall of the stroller we’ve found so far.) The canopies also have peekaboo window and extendable SPF 50+ sunshades. Our first walk was a success—both kids found the G-LINK comfortable!

Most parts of the stroller are washable. The infant head roll is machine washable, while the seat padding, harness straps, canopy and basket can be removed and handwashed. The general frame can be wiped clean with water and mild detergent, if needed.

UPPAbabyGlink3The storage basket underneath the seats is roomy, and we’ve been able to fit a medium-sized diaper bag and a few coats and toys for airport travel. The stroller came with a removable cup holder but no snack tray. It is not car seat compatible. The brake mechanism is simple and located at the right rear wheel, readily controlled by foot.

The wheels swivel and are best for smooth or just slightly uneven surfaces—this is not an off-roading stroller. It glides easily when pushed, has a good turning radius and is not overly wide—allowing you to fit through most doors without a hitch.

The stroller collapses by pushing a button and lifting gently with one hand, and it can be accomplished with a baby in the other arm. It does not fold completely flat, but it is held together with latches on each side that click into place when folded far enough (which is super convenient when your hands are full)! It fits nicely in the trunk of both our SUV and mid-sized vehicle and can stand independently when folded.

Overall, we’d give the G-LINK two thumbs up for quick errands and weekend getaways! Next, our next job was to test the UPPAbaby VISTA for comparison.

UPPAbabyVista2The UPPAbaby VISTA offers even more versatility than the G-LINK—we can easily see this will be our everyday go-to travel system. The UPPAbaby folks really thought of everything for this one. There so many different configurations depending on your needs.

I call it the king of strollers. The UPPAbaby VISTA is a must if you anticipate having more than one child or if you have multiples and a toddler who can ride the PiggyBack. It has provided an exceptional travel system and has made our life easier utilizing the bassinet and car seat adapter functions, while also keeping a toddler happy.

The standard UPPAbaby VISTA comes with a bassinet for infants up to 20 pounds and a Toddler Seat for use from birth (with an optional infant SnugSeat accessory) to 50 pounds. It is ready to be used as a single stroller, and I can certainly see it working well for that. With two in tow, however, we secured a RumbleSeat, too, knowing that our newborn would grow out of the bassinet with time.

Like the G-LINK, assembly was quick and easy. The stroller unfolded by pushing a latch to release the locking mechanism while pulling the handle upward until the frame locked open—really a two-handed job. The wheels also needed to be attached and locked into place.

Again, the stroller can be configured so many different ways depending on your seat needs and selection. Adapters allows for these varied configurations. If you were blessed with two littles, you even have the choice to attach two seats, two bassinets or two infant car seats! All the configurations can be seen here.

UPPAbabyVISTAConfigurationsCanopy installation is easily accomplished with snaps, and a bumper bar can be put across the seat front by inserting metal posts on each seat side. If you are using a bassinet, it needs to be unfolded and locked into place before the mattress is put in and the canopy opened and locked back into place. Again, these instructions are crystal clear in the user manual with the help of pictures and clear verbiage. Full set-up with a bassinet and seat took us 10-15 minutes. The greatest amount of time is spent deciding which configuration you’ll be happiest with—although you can easily and frequently switch it up!

We have been most impressed that this stroller doesn’t take up much more space than some single strollers on the market. It folds to a very reasonable size for a double and can stand folded on its own. This also fits into our SUV and mid-size sedan. I really love the look of the stroller. (We have the marine blue.) It’s a very smart and sophisticated design, with top-notch fabric and appeal.

Our kids seemed to love the comfort of each stroller component. Our infant had no trouble sleeping in the soft, padded bassinet or sitting in the Toddler Seat with appropriate recline and support. The bassinet has an aerated mattress to keep cool, a water-repellant inner liner and the extendable, drop-down sunshade. The liner and boot cover can be removed for easy cleaning.

Our toddler melted quickly into the Toddler Seat and seemed to have plenty of room for her tall, slender frame. The seat can be either forward or rear-facing.

Harness adjustment was easy like the G-LINK, with multiple positions for size and height considerations. Other adjustable portions include handle height, leg rest, and the canopy with peekaboo window and an extra extendable sun shade that has SPF 50 protection. (The canopy is huge and amazing!)

The seat also reclines the same way as the G-LINK, with several positions. I have appreciated the locking mechanism—it not only has a footbrake at the right rear wheel, but it also has front wheel swivel locks that have come in handy on uneven surfaces. The rear wheels are larger than the front, making uneven surfaces easy to navigate with minimal extra effort and shock-absorbing front and rear suspension. We’ve successfully used the stroller in the park, for city strolls, in the grass and uneven sidewalks.

UPPAbabyVISTA3Cleaning the UPPAbaby VISTA is the same as the G-LINK. I have been impressed with the sturdy fabric, but I have only had minor spills and dirt to clean up … so far. We’ve been satisfied with the storage underneath, but it can be hard to access depending on the seat set-up. I’ve really found nothing that I would change with the VISTA—it has provided such convenience for our growing family.

A variety of accessories can be purchased for the G-LINK including extra cup holders, a travel bag, rain shield and footmuff. For the UPPAbaby VISTA, accessories include an infant snug seat, car adapters for either Maxi-Cosi or Chicco, a PiggyBack (essentially a standing board where a third passenger can ride along!), adapters for various seat configurations, travel bags, snack tray, cup holder, seat liner, organizer, footmuffs, rain shield, bug shield and stroller blankie among a few others.

The general weight recommendation for the G-LINK and VISTA seat is birth to 50 pounds, which offers great longevity.

Both strollers are definitely an investment, but I have found very few downfalls to either model. I strongly recommend exploring UPPAbaby’s website as there are so many configurations, accessories and options with these amazing strollers that it’s hard to put them all on paper (or screen, as the case may be). If you have the resources, you won’t be disappointed with your investment.

We (including our kids) have been beyond happy with the UPPAbaby G-LINK and VISTA and recommend their purchase to support versatility, convenience and sanity.

Price: G-LINK, from $500; VISTA, from $840
To buy: uppababy.com

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