UPPAbaby Vista

By Published On: July 1st, 2012

The UppaBaby Vista has been the most valuable addition to […]

The UppaBaby Vista has been the most valuable addition to our baby gear arsenal this year. Our family is growing, and we’ve been looking to find a versatile new stroller to accommodate our 18-month-old son and new little bundle, and it’s safe to say that the Vista has gone above and beyond meeting our needs.
UPPAbabyVistaThis stroller is the Cadillac of strollers. The remarkable work of American engineering includes a pivoting seat that can be reclined using just one hand under the headrest to adjust the angle. The pivoting seat can easily be removed and turned so your passenger can face forward and take in the wonders of the world or face backward to be comforted by the close proximity of mom or dad. The footrest adjusts to allow for our little guy to prop his feet up for naps or sit with he legs relaxed as we stroll. The safety bar can quickly be moved out of the way for easy in and easy out. On top of this (literally), there is a breathable canopy with a magnetic (!!) peek-a-boo flap. (The magnet thing, you guys, is awesome. So much cleaner than Velcro and so much faster than buttons.) Tucked underneath the canopy is an extendable sun visor, which provides maximum protection from the elements. (The canopy/visor is absolutely huge, folks. It’s one of the best I’ve seen.) Underneath all of this is a gargantuan storage basket with pockets to hold a water bottle and keys, and plenty of room for diaper bags and even some groceries. All of these features fold down flat for stable and compact transportation. Oh yes, and the collapsed stroller can stand upright on its own.
Now, in case that last paragraph wasn’t enough to sell you (although, frankly, it left me wondering What else could I possibly want?) prepare to continue to be impressed. The UppaBaby Vista is structurally more stable than any car I have driven. (And I haven’t just driven junky cars, I promise.) It features thick tubing that can withstand any drops, dings or crashes that you may experience while folding for transporting a stroller. The handle has a comfortable foam grip that makes handling the stroller stress-free. The handle can also be adjusted to accommodate the different heights of the mom, dad, grandparents or babysitter. The Vista also features sturdy “no flat” wheels that give added stability and result in a comfortable ride. (Our previous stroller had inflatable tires, which offered a smooth ride, but it was always a bit of a bummer when we realized they needed air at the most inconvenient times.) The front wheels can lock with an easy click for navigating rough terrains. The best part of the wheel structure is the locking rear wheels. There is an easy to access brake pedal that can be engaged with a pinky toe. The structure and safety of this stroller is nothing short of impressive.
But again, there’s more. The piEce de resistance of the Vista stroller is the included bassinet component. The bassinet can be used to transport our newborn from the house to a stroller without disturbing him. (UPPAbaby even makes a bassinet stand ($130), which can be purchased separately, to make everyday use more convenient.) The bassinet is simple to take on and off the stroller frame and can be turned to face either direction, just as the stroller seat. This work of genius has been a lifesaver on days when we’ve returned from a walk to the park just as the little booger falls to sleep. And I’ve got to say, I really like that it comes standard and isn’t just an extra. Everything about strollers seems so a la carte these days, and I find this no-need-to-shell-out-extra-cash accessory very refreshing. (Also standard are the zip-in bug and rain shields.)
The second accessory that we have been very excited about (though it’s one of those a la carte items I was just ranting about!) is the rumble seat ($100). It actually doesn’t bother me that it’s sold separately because you wouldn’t need it until you decided to add another munchkin to your brood. The extra seat attaches just below and behind the normal stroller seat. This attachment allowed us to have extra room for our little guy without having to bring an extra stroller. (In fact, even before he arrived, we used it when our 3-year-old niece accompanied us to the zoo. She didn’t need to ride in it the whole time, but it was the perfect little spot for her to relax and take a load off her feet when she started wearing down.) It’s worth noting that use of the rumble seat does cut into the storage space below since that’s where the second passenger’s feet rest, but this is a minor drawback to an incredibly convenient capacity increaser. One more bit of commentary on this feature: I like that it allows the stroller to transition from single to double and back again. If we had used a single with our firstborn and then a double when our second came along, we’d be in a bind again when our eldest outgrew his stroller-riding days. Not so with this adaptable contraption!

A third accessory that may be worth considering is the car seat adapter, which allows the Vista to function as a stroller system. Adapters are available for a variety of car seat models—including Graco, Chicco, Maxi-Cosi and Peg Perego—and the convenience of car seat compatibility cannot be overestimated.
The Vista is an investment but, in my opinion, a worthwhile one. The craftsmanship is impeccable, the features are comprehensive (it literally does everything I ever wanted a stroller to do and more!), and its longevity is guaranteed to provide a great return. I would recommend the stroller system to anyone with a little one (or a second little one!) on the way who is looking to purchase a stroller with everything you could ever ask for.

Price: $700
To buy: uppababy.com