Ty Lucas Amore Tote

By Published On: September 28th, 2011

Stylish. That’s the first word that came to mind when […]

Stylish. That’s the first word that came to mind when I opened the box and saw Ty Lucas’s Amore Tote.
TyLucasAmoreTote1I promptly and excitedly replaced my previous bag for this one. It looks more like a handbag than a diaper bag, and its soft leather accents give it that new-purse smell that I love! Ty Lucas bags are handmade right here in the USA, and the craftsmanship is exceptional.
I was impressed that it was so light, both before and after loading the children’s staples into it. This is the perfect bag for twins or for families who have more than one small child. We recently took it on a picnic, and it held the basics, plus four water bottles, two lunch containers, and a bottle of wine! I imagine it will work great weekend bag as well.
The Amore Tote has a fairly gender-neutral look about it; it’s been interesting how excited my husband is to carry it. I like that it doesn’t look babyish at all—I think I’d carry this bag even if I didn’t have children! It has a classic and clean style and with a very functional design.
I love all eight pockets and compartments for organization and its bright green interior (more on that later), which allow me to see into the depths of this large bag. The front flap pockets are a convenient spot to store my phone and baby’s pacifier for easy access. There are two compartments attached to the lining that are handy on one hand, but sometimes smaller items get trapped beneath them and it becomes a pain to try to fish them out.
The bag has leather cushion over the straps, which feels amazing both over my shoulder and in my hand. The stroller clips have been a huge upgrade from our last bag, and it fits on all three of our strollers!
The bag stands on its own when I set it down—even when it’s full. My wish would be for the bag to have feet on the bottom to keep it from getting dirty.
The Amore Tote comes with a high-quality changing pad that contains the same Agion technology as the lining of the bag. In fact, every part of the bag that’s bright green is treated with Agion, what Ty Lucas calls “nature’s antimicrobial.” The Agion helps “suppress the grown of bacteria, mold and fungus inside your bag,” meaning funky odors and icky stains are kept at bay.
Overall, I think this is the bag for parents of multiple children, and a very stylish one at that. Now I can leave my purse at home—it’s a pleasure to carry this bag in its place.
Price: $345
To buy: tylucasbaby.com