Two tiny teeth

By Published On: August 19th, 2015

Right on time, Graham has sprouted two darling, little, razor-sharp teeth. […]

image4Right on time, Graham has sprouted two darling, little, razor-sharp teeth. With his big 6-month birthday just a couple days away, I knew it was likely to happen soon. For the past couple of days, little man has been a fussy mess, refusing naps, chewing constantly on everything, and tugging at his little ears. I noticed the new little teeth when he chomped down on my hand last night—ouch! Tears instantly sprang to me eyes—not because of the physical pain—but because my little baby is growing up! This new milestone meant my baby was no longer a little infant. He has teeth! For chewing food! My little nursling is growing up so very fast.

Speaking of nursing, I also have experience a couple of painful chomps on the nips—not fun. I simply pulled away from his latch and firmly said, “no biting.” Then he went back to nursing. Hopefully this won’t be too much of an issue in our breastfeeding relationship.

Today Graham tried an apple slice for the first time. As his little fist maneuvered the apple slice into his mouth I heard the sweetest little “crunch” as those tiny front bottom teeth bit into the fruit. This “baby-led weaning” experience is about to get a lot more fun now that he’ll be able to bite into foods with a more ease. In the past two weeks, Graham has tried more than a dozen new foods. I’m hopeful that we have an adventurous little eater in our midst. He has made a few funny faces, but for the most part he seems to like everything he’s tried. He especially loves avocados, peaches and chicken.

image1He makes a crazy mess at every mealtime, but it’s so fun. I love that he’s getting the full food experience: feeling the mushiness of a ripe, juicy peach between his fingers, smearing bright green avocados across his highchair and all over his face. He enjoys mealtime and is learning so much by really getting acquainted with different textures and flavors of whole foods. I didn’t think he was actually swallowing much food until the diapers started changing. Shew! They certainly have a strong new … aroma (cough). And a new texture! Lots of chunks that weren’t there before … I’ll spare you any additional diaper details.

So far baby-led weaning has proven to be easier than traditional feeding—no making special baby food purées, no spoon feeding. Graham just joins in at mealtime, eagerly trying what mom and dad are eating. With his new little teeth on board, I imagine he’ll be taking in more food in no time.

The first half of Graham’s first year has flown by at lightning speed. Parenthood is becoming more and more fun everyday! We’re already chomping at the bit for more!