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The TwinGo Carrier is—in a word—amazing! Few products are so […]

The TwinGo Carrier is—in a word—amazing! Few products are so intuitive and thoughtfully crafted; the creator of this carrier thought of everything. As the name suggests, it can be used to carry two children at once, or it can be separated to make two single carriers. This is obviously ideal for parents of multiples but can be used for children of different sizes as well. (It holds up to 70 pounds combined.) As the mother of a 3-year-old and a 5-month-old, I was eager give this a try.

Outside of the box are pictures and charts showing the three ways to wear the carrier and outlining its features. Inside the box were two pouches and the instruction manual. Each pouch turns inside out to become the carrier, making them super easy to store or tuck into a diaper bag. The carriers are constructed with sturdy, quality cotton and are machine washable. The straps and waistbands are very well padded, and the buckles feature elastic bands for added safety. Each carrier has an adjustable/removable sleep hood that can provide extra privacy and sun protection.

The pouch that was holding the carriers becomes a large pocket on the back of the carrier, offering plenty of storage space. The exteriors of both carriers are black with colored linings and sleep hoods. These colors (blue for the base and orange for the attachment carrier) coordinate with the instructions for each carrier in the manual, making it very easy to follow. The manual is very clear and includes both written instructions and illustrations. There are detailed video instructions on the website as well.

My 5-month-old began to cry as I was looking over the manual, so I decided to try carrying her for a bit. The directions are very easy to follow, and I had her strapped in and completely soothed in no time. I has impressed by how easy the straps were to adjust and how comfortable this was to wear. I began straightening up the house and had no trouble bending over or reaching up. My daughter fell asleep during the clean up.

I was a bit nervous to try the back carrier, but it was much easier than I thought. I put my 3-year-old (who weighs about 30 pounds) in it, and I couldn’t believe how light she felt. We walked up and down steps and all around the house. Bending over with her was a bit more difficult, but not impossible.


Now it was time to really put the carrier, and myself, to the test. With my toddler on my back, I strapped my 5-month-old on in front. This was also very easy to do. The two carriers strap together around the waist, and the attachment clips into the straps of the base carrier. I had both babies on for a combined weight of almost 50 pounds.

I walked around and was shocked at how great I felt. There was absolutely no strain in my back or shoulders. The weight felt very evenly distributed with no discomfort. My kids seemed comfortable as well. My 3-year-old was having fun, kicking her legs, and my baby was smiling. I was able to be completely hands-free. I will have to work up to bending over and going up flights of stairs, but for short outings, dual carrying is a breeze!

I’m really thrilled by how versatile this product is. It is made to fit adults from 4’11″ to 6’5″ and is easily adjusted. It is so easy to use and very comfortable. It will be great for situations when I don’t want to mess with the stroller—like at the airport or busy malls. I am so glad I found this carrier. The single carrier is more comfortable than any other I have tried, and the ability to dual carry makes this even better!

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