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By Published On: December 1st, 2016

Are you tired of being awkwardly weighed down by a […]

Are you tired of being awkwardly weighed down by a messenger style diaper bag? Or lugging a heavy diaper bag on your stroller with fear of it tipping over? Are you sick of incurring a sore back or shoulders due to those other diaper bags? Diaper bag backpacks are the way of the future, and TWELVElittle has got what you need! The Companion Backpack leaves your hands free to do whatever it is you need to do with two hands (which is almost everything).

This designer diaper bag backpack is extremely comfortable, durable and high-end looking, and it’s available in a variety of colors and prints. It’s especially amazing in the storage department! In the past when I’ve packed my diaper bags, it’s all about throwing things in and hoping I’ll find them later. However, the Companion Backpack encourages me to organize baby’s items as well as my own, thanks to its plentiful pockets and compartments.

It has six good sized exterior pockets; three without zippers and three with zippers. When you look inside the bag, there are four more convenient pockets as well as one zipped pocket. In other words, there’s tons of easy places to put bottles, toys, diapers, blankets and other mysterious things that moms need to put in their baby’s diaper bag (just in case [insert terrifying thing here] happens while you’re out—eep!). The Companion also has a secret hidden zipper on the bottom of the back panel for dirty diapers if you’re out and about with nary a trash can in sight.

The backpack is made out of lightweight and high quality material. Both the outside and inside use a waterproof nylon. It easily wipes clean and has an adorable inside lining picturing cute animals with a matching padded changing pad. The nylon makes the bag incredibly lightweight, which means you can pack it full and still lift it!

TWELVElittle added metal feet to the bottom of the bag allowing the backpack to stand up when you put it on the ground. The straps are padded for comfort and are obviously adjustable like any backpack. My only issue I have with the design of the backpack is the plastic piece where the straps adjust. It’s a bulky piece, and it sometimes rubs uncomfortably against my upper arms, which can be annoying if the backpack isn’t positioned just so. Otherwise, the Companion is a winner in terms of quality, durability, capacity and organization.

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