TWELVElittle Allure Weekender

By Published On: August 4th, 2014

I love bags, and like my requirements for most other […]

I love bags, and like my requirements for most other baby gear, I wanted a diaper bag that seamlessly fits into my life. I love my baby girl ,but I definitely do not love the endless amounts of pink, cartoons and prints that the world seems to think all moms of new baby girls should carry. The TWELVElittle Allure Weekender more than fits the bill.
TWELVElittle 1TWELVElittle was founded by two former handbag designers, and it shows in their bags’ construction, looks and details. At $310, the Allure Weekender is pricier than most diaper bags, but it’s also not your typical diaper bag. It’s more like a nice travel bag. It is a gorgeous bag, and the construction is high-quality. It’s everything I was looking for in a diaper bag.
The Allure Weekender is nylon with beautiful leather trim. Unlike many bags that have leather trim, the Allure’s leather is soft and luxurious. The bag features high-quality gold hardware, including feet on the bottom of the bag to keep the Allure free from scuffs and scratches (and dry when you accidently put it down in a puddle … oops).
TWELVElittle 5The Allure Weekender is a large bag. As someone who was used to carrying large totes even prebaby, the Allure Weekender seems big. That said, the bag is lightweight thanks to its nylon construction and even fully packed, doesn’t weigh you down. Speaking of being fully packed, let’s talk about how much you can pack into this bag. I easily carry all the daily necessities for one baby plus everything I would normally carry in a tote, including gym gear and my tablet. The bag has six exterior pockets and five interior pockets and comes with a nylon changing pad that folds and has velcro to stay closed for on-the-go diaper changes.
TWELVElittle 4The design and layout of the exterior pockets are where the Allure Weekender really shines. The long flat zippered pocket on the back of the bag is perfectly sized for books, tablets, and magazines. There is a hidden pocket on the bottom of the back of the bag that is great for putting those baby clothes and gear that get dirty. It’s a genius design that keeps soiled items out of the main compartment of the bag. There are two hidden zipped pockets on the sides of the bag meant to hold bottles. The front of the bag has two additional pockets. One is near the top of the bag and is relatively small but perfect for your keys, a toy for your baby and other smaller items you want close at hand. The other front pocket is extremely roomy. I use it to hold a clutch-sized wallet and my cell phone ,and there is still plenty of room available.
TWELVElittle 2The Allure Weekender comes in black, beige and a deep plum. My bag is beige ,and I love the color. I have also been pleasantly surprised at how easy it has been to keep the beige clean. The interior of the bag has held up to spills and is easily wiped clean. The bag can be carried via regular shoulder straps but also comes with a detachable long cross-shoulder strap.
TWELVElittle 3This is a wonderful bag for overnight trips, packing baby’s gear for weekend trips or for someone who tends to carry a lot or over pack for daily running around. It would also make a great hospital bag! The Allure Weekender is probably a little large for daily diaper duty for a one baby family, but it’s been a wonderful addition to my regular bag rotation. The TWELVElittle Allure Weekender’s quality and design is far above your typical diaper bag. It provides awesome organization thanks to the practical consideration given to pocket location. Bottom line: While the Allure Weekender is not my daily diaper bag with just one child, it’s a fantastic bag that I will use regularly for years to come.
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