Turn, baby, turn! Solutions for breech babies

By Published On: December 13th, 2012

These methods turn heads (literally and figuratively) with their reported […]

These methods turn heads (literally and figuratively) with their reported success rates.
In this medical procedure, a doctor uses his hands outside the womb to manipulate the baby’s position. EVCs typically have a 50 percent success rate.
A study conducted at the University of Vermont College of Medicine found that hypnotherapy was 69 percent more successful in turning a breech baby than standard obstetrical care alone.
A variation of acupuncture, moxibustion involves burning a mugwort stick near a specific point of a woman’s little toe. Several studies have revealed moxibustion to be 40 to 50 percent effective in treating a breech baby. Chances of a baby turning rose significantly when moxibustion was performed by a trained professional.
Webster Technique
This chiropractic adjustment balances your pelvis to allow baby to turn and has an 85 percent success rate.
No harm, no foul
These risk-free methods may have a lower success rate but are still worth a try:
Sensory stimulators
Try placing “bellyphones” or another musical device on the lower half of your stomach to lure baby toward the tunes. You can also set a bag of frozen peas on the upper part of your bump to inspire baby to turn away from the cold.
Mental motivators
Motherly folklore suggests that babies in breech are attempting to move closer to a stressed mother to comfort her. Whether you believe this melt-your-heart explanation or not, doctors repeatedly tout the benefits of any pregnant woman taking time for meditation and mental relaxation.
Synchronized swim
Some midwives recommend dipping in the pool during pregnancy as a way to lessen the effects of gravity and let the fetus move more freely. Swimming takes the load off your belly and might encourage your baby to swim around too.