Trying to achieve the calm after a teething storm

Written by: Christopher Spicer July 03 2012 I revealed last week that Everett has now entered into the dreaded teething phase. Actually, he has been showing the signs of a teething baby for a few […]

Written by: Christopher Spicer

I revealed last week that Everett has now entered into the dreaded teething phase. Actually, he has been showing the signs of a teething baby for a few weeks now, yet we still haven’t seen those pesky teeth peek through the gums. For now, we get to enjoy all the fussiness without any of the results. Though, it isn’t like our current strategy is to just stare into his mouth and chant, “Please come out. Please come out.” Of course, if that works, then I am more than willing to try it. We have tried a few things in an attempt to ease the pain that Everett is clearly going through right now.

Amber Teething Necklace: This has the added bonus of tricking several people into thinking my son is a girl. Though we got the most masculine from the selection, but I still get asked why I’m having my son wear a necklace. At first, there didn’t seem to be a huge difference after giving him the necklace, but after a few days of wearing it, we’ve noticed during the day that Everett has been far happier and closer to pre-teething form. I’d definitely recommend this as one way to help soothe your baby.

Sophie the Giraffe: Everett loves Sophie, and will often enjoy engaging her in conversation. He also enjoys gnawing on her hooves. Though typically after a good 30 seconds of gnawing he discards Sophie the toy giraffe.

Teething Ring: Our teething ring is a penguin and his name is Fred. Apparently, he must be called Fred or its magical gum healing powers will not be activated – because Emily always corrects me when I call him penguin. Despite its entire purpose is to be chewed, Everett usually doesn’t spend too much high quality gnawing time on him, but the ring is often held in my hand, which means. . .

My Thumb: The fleshy chew toy known as one of my appendages is Everett’s favourite form of soothing. He loves to chomp away and see how many gum smashes it takes to turn it into a paste of flesh and bone. Luckily, we still don’t know the number, and I’m desperately trying to steer him to more exciting forms of gum crushing.

Blankets: If he can’t have flesh then he’ll jam some fabric into his mouth. I’m not sure what makes blankets, cloths, and sweaters so appealing, but I do know it makes him happy for a long period of time. The best part is that a soaking wet blanket doesn’t cause me any pain.

Bouncing on My Knee: My knee impersonating a horse has been a great way to distract Everett from whatever it is that is bothering him. This not only gets him to stop fussing, but it eventually lulls him off to sleep. Though of course, once the galloping knee stops, then there isn’t any guarantee Everett won’t awake to resume his song about teething pain.

Of course, these aren’t the only things that we use to appease the teething baby. At this point, we’re willing to try almost anything to calm him down once he enters into his “gums of fury” ritual. Many of the above things have helped make Everett a much happier and content baby, despite the clear pain he must be in. What are some of the things you’ve tried with your little teethers?

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