Traveling with an infant is HARD

By Published On: September 23rd, 2013

We recently took our first family vacation to Colorado. (We […]

JenniferDavis0923We recently took our first family vacation to Colorado. (We were in Estes Park a week before the floods hit. Our prayers go out to all those affected in that beautiful town, and the many others.)
Back in June when we first started planning our trip, we decided flying would be much easier, as a 14 hour car ride with a 10-month-old made us both want to pull our hair out just thinking about it. As it turns out, I’m positive that we were right, but easier does not equal easy.
My last post, I lamented on the planning part of the trip.  Trying to think of every possible scenario and plan for it, while keeping the packing as light as possible was a chore. If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s not being able to fully prepare.
The flight out wasn’t so bad. Isaac was a little squirmy, but we were seated next to a grandmother of 7, and she didn’t seem to mind. We did pull out all the tricks. Snacks, new toys, videos on my phone and books. I’m not gonna lie, it was a little stressful. There was a little girl a couple rows in front of us who screamed for the first hour of the flight, so the heat was off Isaac, and once she stopped screeching, he fell asleep.
Our time in Colorado was great. We visited attractions, and family, went to a gorgeous wedding, and even took in a hike. Isaac was so good, considering his interrupted nap schedule. Except … he did not want to sleep through the night. Our choice of a suite was fantastic when we’d put him to bed. We were able to relax and stay up for a bit while he slept. But, every night when he would stir around 2:00 a.m., he would see us in the bed next to his crib, and start crying. He ended up in bed with us every night, and none of us got much sleep. We made do, thanks to a lot of  Venti Cinnamon Dulce Lattes in the mornings. It wasn’t all bad, we were up early enough one morning to catch about 30 elk grazing on the golf course.
Overall, it was a great first family vacation! The trip home was another story.
Oh, the trip home.  I’ll tell you about that next time, because it’s a doozy. It deserves it’s own post.
Stay tuned….