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By Published On: June 29th, 2012
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Each month, members of Pregnancy & Newborn’s editorial team pick […]

Each month, members of Pregnancy & Newborn’s editorial team pick out some of their favorite products to feature in print. In our June issue, we rounded up a smashing assortment of wheels and wings.

Transportation station
Transportation station by pnmag on
a. “All aboard a circus train!” —Sara, Editorial Intern
ferm LIVING wallpaper, $110
b. “The wheels on the stamps go round and round.” —Lacey, Editor in Chief
DwellStudio stamp set, $24
c. “For the family that just can’t wait to get on the road again.” —Rachel, Associate Editor
Oopsy daisy lamp, $138
d. “Perfect little favor boxes for a baby shower.” —Steph, Creative Director
A Little Hut gift boxes, $4 for 4
e. “Up, up and away!” —Tracy, Associate Editor
Plan Toys push toy, $35
f. “Funky bicycle glasses? I’ll drink to that.” —Shea, Fashion & Style Editor
UncommonGoods glasses, $75 for 8
g. “A sweet scooter print made especially for baby.” —Laura, Editorial Intern
Trendy Peas print, $26
h. “The fly-food-into-baby’s-mouth game just got real.” —Alyson, Associate Editor
Oogaa mealtime set, $17
i. “It doesn’t get any better than transportation-themed transport.” —Lauren, Executive Editor
Beco Baby Carrier carrier, $140