Toys for green living

By Published On: August 9th, 2011

I love buying simple, well made toys for my children. […]

I love buying simple, well made toys for my children. Yes, we’ve got the must-have generic Buzz and Woody, but whenever I can, I opt for toys on the greener side of the fence.
Green Toys is an ideal choice. They make fantastic toys that children adore, and they do it all with the environment and our children’s safety in mind. Green Toys are made 100 percent in the USA from recycled milk containers. Yes, those same containers you leave on the curb for the recycling guy to pick up are recycled into really amazing toys. You can also feel safe knowing that Green Toys makes sure all of their toys are tested by nationally recognized, independent, third party labs—in the US of course. They contain no phthalates or BPA, so when your tiny tot is gnawing away you can rest easy.
Now, let’s get down to the fun stuff—the toys!

Green Toys offers a great line of toys designed and made specifically with infants in mind. One of their newest additions is their Stacking Cups. This fun little set of six cups offers dozens of playful options for children 6 months and older. They’re perfect for stacking, scooping and pouring water, building towers, and sorting. Each cup is numbered on the bottom from 1 to 6 and is volumetrically accurate opening up dozens of experimental play activities for older children as well. So fun!

Perfect for early reaching and grasping, tiny hands love to shake, rattle, and explore the colorful Twist Teether. The Twist Teether features uniquely shaped charms, each featuring a distinct texture perfect for gnawing. A great first toy option for your little one.

Green Toys offers a modern take on the classic stacker with it’s eight uniquely colored nesting pieces. Made safer by the omission of a central post, your younger infant will enjoy exploring the color and shape of this fun set, while the older infant and toddler will begin stacking these pieces into a graduated tower, sorting them by color, or creating their own unique spire.

I’ve never met a child, boy or girl, that didn’t love playing with blocks. Green Toys’ Blocks are the cream-of-the-crop. Each Block set features 18 lightweight and oversized blocks, perfect for little hands to practice their stacking skills.
This fun set is wonderful for imaginative play. Toddlers and preschoolers will love using this brightly colored set to create castles, tunnels, and towers—a must have for every toy box!

Green Toys’ brightly colored little Tugboat offers loads of possibilities for the bathtub and the pool. Young sailors will love filling it up with water and then pouring the water out through it’s wide spout. I have found that it also doubles beautifully as a shampoo rinser. A couple of boats full of water quickly and easily rinses lather from the fullest head of hair. Fun and practical!

Green Toys also offers loads of cool toys for the older set. From vehicles to tea sets, they truly offer an ideal toy for every child. My son’s newest favorite is Green Toys fun little Tool Set. This adorable set is beautifully made and features a rugged tool box loaded with all of the must-have tools. Each piece feels sturdy and is labeled with the tool’s name—such a fun idea. Charlie loves toting his little tool box around and completing repairs or fine tuning his fine motor skills by twisting and turning the included nuts and bolts.