Topeak BabySeat II

By Published On: March 1st, 2014

As an active family, we’re concerned that all members, large […]

As an active family, we’re concerned that all members, large or small, can enjoy our favorite outings. As biking is one of those favorite activities, a good child bike seat is just the ticket to everyone enjoying a leisurely ride.
The Topeak BabySeat II is a forward-facing baby seat that mounts behind the bike seat. In all honesty, I was not about to take on the installation by myself, but I was under the watchful eye of my husband, who is much more handy. A user guide is included in the box, and it both illustrates and describes the step-by-step process in a very clear manner. The assembly first involves mounting a rack above the back tire. A wrench is required for the rack installation. The easy-to-understand illustrations guided me best through this process. After having the rack securely in place, it’s just a matter of sliding the seat on and locking it into place. This step does not require any tools. This seat attachment system makes it very easy to put on and take off very quickly—ideal for traveling and quick storage. From start to finish, the whole assembly took about 30 minutes. Not bad! The seat itself is somewhat large but more tall than bulky.
The overall quality of the seat is superb. It is very sturdy plastic and has added comfort with a padded seat, padded lap bar and an adjustable footrest with straps for little feet. The straps provide extra reassurance that feet will not be near spinning wheels. The seat has a very secure 6-point harness and also a roll bar that extends the top of the seat for extra protection as well as a padded hand rest. The seat also wraps around the child for greater safety. Overall, it seems that it is a comfy ride with a suspension system that masks bumps and jolts. The seat is large enough for children of many shapes and sizes. For the adult, the ride is also comfortable. However, depending on your size, you may occasionally lean into the child’s hand rest behind you. Aesthetically, it is pleasant with an overall gray tone and pops of yellow, red and blue.
The seat is very easy to remove and wipe clean. The mesh seat padding is removable for painless cleaning—a definite bonus! Of utmost importance, though, is my comfort using this product. With proper installation, the seat is sturdy, and I trust that my child is safe and secure in the harness with extra protection surrounding. I know we’ll be using it for years to come (especially because it can accommodate passengers up to 48.5 pounds).
After looking at various bike seats, the price point is on par with other models of comparable quality and style. There are other accessories available for purchase for the seat including red or tall light mounts. Other less expensive seats do not appear as sturdy, comfortable or seem to have the quality and safety assurance as Topeak BabySeat II. The suggested age and weight limitations are 1 to 4 years old and 20 to 48.5 pounds. These seem to be good guidelines, but of course, you need to feel comfortable with your child’s ability to ride safely. I would definitely recommend this seat if your family loves bike rides as much as my family does. Enjoy the ride!
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