Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Digital Video Sensor Pad Monitor

By Published On: February 22nd, 2012

As our baby’s due date approached, my wife and I […]

As our baby’s due date approached, my wife and I agreed a movement-sensing monitor was something we wanted to spring for—we both knew we’d sleep better feeling absolutely certain our little guy was safe. As luck would have it, we were offered the opportunity to review the brand-new Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Video Sensor Pad Monitor. And boy am I so grateful we did. It’s been a real life-saver (both literally and figuratively!).
tommee_tippee_closer_to_nature_digital_video_monitor_01The manual for this product was very straightforward, especially considering the monitor’s multiple functions. The first few pages have charts of all the symbols on both units (including the parent unit, which has the video screen, and the monitor, which is the part with the camera that stays next to the baby). For someone like me who likes to be able to open a product and use it as quickly as possible without having to read too many instructions, this monitor was perfect.
The assembly does not require much. It basically involves unpacking the two units, installing the rechargeable battery that’s included, and getting them both plugged in. This is not much assembly at all (a nice break for those of us who have become accustomed to massive amounts of parts and pieces and tools required for just about every baby-related product out there!). In order to get the sensor pad into baby’s bassinet without having the cord hanging near the baby, I cut a very small hole in the cloth on the bottom to pass the cord through. The hole is not visible from any normal angle and hasn’t caused any problems. It’s easy to remove this monitor from the box and have it up and running within a few minutes.
Of course, the main purpose of the monitor for us is to keep an eye on our baby from a distance without having to worry whether he’s OK. It has been a awesome product that gives us great of peace of mind. The alarm on the monitor will sound both at the unit near the baby and the parent unit if he doesn’t move for a 20-second period. The second morning that we had our baby home from the hospital, the alarm actually went off. We ran in and picked him up immediately. He was fine, but for some reason must not have moved. Who knows if he would have been OK had we not been alerted to check on him.
We have now been using the monitor for about six weeks and haven’t had another scare, but we can leave him sleeping in another room and feel certain that he’s alright, which again is huge for our peace of mind—priceless, really. It’s allowed us to let him snooze in a separate room and we sleep better without hearing him gurgling and making other random sleeping baby noises. It has also allowed us to be in the basement working out or even sitting outside in our hot tub while he’s upstairs sleeping. We can see him the whole time through the video monitor and feel confident he’s A-OK. The video monitor has an infrared camera so it works even if it’s dark in the bedroom where baby is sleeping and the audio can be set so that it comes on if the baby starts to cry. It’s truly like being in the room with the baby!
Some other cool functions of the monitor:

  • The alarm can be set to vibrate in addition to sounding an alert.
  • The two-way audio system allows mom and dad to talk into the parent unit to communicate with baby and use the sound of their voices to soothe him from a distance.
  • The baby unit includes a night-light with three brightness settings as well as a temperature gauge.
  • The sensor pad offers three sensitivity settings for various mattress sizes and an option to make a ticking sound every time the baby moves.

Additionally, the monitor is very stylish aesthetically and quite small considering all that it does. I have deemed it a “must-have” item for anyone with a baby who wants to be able to get things done around the house (or even just sleep in peace!) without having to constantly feel concerned over how baby is doing in the nursery. With this super security system, you know he’s safe!
Psst! Tommee Tippee’s website has a great video demonstration and quick start here.
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