To the limit

By Published On: September 27th, 2012

Written by: Lesley Graham September 26 2012 Well here we […]

Written by: Lesley Graham

Well here we are at 33 weeks. I’ve hit almost all of my pregnancy milestone markers: family beach trip and Matilda’s 4th birthday were two big ones. The only one waiting in the wings is Halloween! So hard to believe that all of these things I’ve been counting down to are coming and going. I’m left feeling completely excited and terrified at the same time. Pregnancy really is the perfect design because as much fear as I have about raising two little ones and giving birth, I don’t think that I could go on being pregnant forever. I’m starting to hit my wall where I’m kind of (dare I say) over it.

Last week my daughter and I had a lunch date with friends and I pushed my luck by splurging on a cupcake with them afterwards. When will I learn?! Matilda had been squirming her way through lunch and clearly needed a nap but I pushed things because I wanted a cupcake. Oh the aftermath! I am way too pregnant to be dealing with meltdowns. There was screaming, hitting, wailing, crazy behavior and I had to deal with it. I took her toys away, I threatened to throw them away (yeah I did), I threatened a time out, I told her Daddy would be so upset (this usually works). It was a nightmare. Nothing worked. Finally I tried the good cop approach after playing bad cop for 30 minutes and she calmed down.

Help me Rhonda. That took way too much time and energy. She fell right to sleep but at a serious cost. It’s moments like this (and the comment made by the lady with two kids who witnessed the meltdown in the parking lot: “Get ready for two!”) that make me want to get in my bed and hide under the covers. Most days aren’t like this (thank God) but the doozies make me feel like I just can’t cut it, let alone be a mama to two girls. Until then I’m going to enjoy the cooler weather and eat my feelings.