To mothers

By Published On: May 10th, 2012

Written by: Hillary Grigonis May 09 2012 I think I've […]

Written by: Hillary Grigonis

I think I've always appreciated mothers (and ever since I can remember I wanted to be one someday) but I think in the past few months, my appreciation has grown and in the next few years I have the feeling that it's going to accelerate exponentially. Most people will tell you all about the good parts of pregnancy (since the bad parts can tend to end some casual conversations pretty quickly). Experiencing some of those bad parts, I've started to realize there's a lot more to parenthood that you just can't know until you experience it.

While I was on bed rest and then during subsequent weeks where I was too sick and too tired to keep up with the housework, my mom came over and tackled the dishes and cleaned the house from top to bottom. She has brought me food, taken me to doctor’s appointments when I felt too nauseated to drive (or perhaps when she just wanted to take a peek at her first grandbaby), and answered probably a thousand questions (What does it feel like when the baby moves? Do you like this name? Is ______ normal?). I probably owe her about $50 just to cover all the frozen cokes she has brought to help settle my stomach.

My mother-in-law probably already has half a room full of stuff for this baby, her third grandchild, picking up gender-neutral clothes and like-new baby gear from Mom-to-Mom sales and garage sales, not to mention brand new maternity clothes and some nice thrift store finds. She has brought over food and taken me to the doctor’s office (including one trip where she not only chauffeured but served as barf-bucket-changer). I've brainstormed several possible nursery themes with her, since she likes to make quilts and curtains. And of course, asked her countless questions.

While I've only so far experienced about four months of pregnant-motherhood, it has been long enough to realize there is a lot more underneath the surface to being a mom, even just being pregnant. So for my mom and mother-in-law and all the other mothers out there, have a happy Mother's Day this year.