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As my 14-week-old boy grew bigger and more active, my […]

As my 14-week-old boy grew bigger and more active, my husband and I started looking for a bouncer that could continue to keep him inclined, as well as be easily stowed to take anywhere. Due to his severe reflux, our son has to be upright after feedings and during his naps. And as he just outgrew the rocker that he was in from his first week of life, the Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer came at the perfect time!

I was so excited to use the bouncer when it arrived, that I didn’t wait for my husband to put it together. The box says, “No Assembly Required,” and that is a fact! I literally took the bouncer out of the package, unfolded it, and that was it! The bouncer came with a carrying bag, which is so nice to have when traveling.

Before I put my son in the bouncer, I examined it very carefully. The material is very soft and has padding that provides good support. I liked how all the corners were rounded out. I feel that it’s important (especially as he gets older) to not run the risk of bumping into sharp edges. Once it was Mommy-approved, I put it to the test with my son in the bouncer. He was happy and comfortable from the start. It doesn’t constrict his legs or arms like the rocker, so he’s free to kick and play. He was able to sit upright and see all that what was going on around him.

I was concerned whether or not the belt would be tight enough for my son. He is on the smaller side, but I found that belt adjusted to fit him with no problems—providing security for the times he gets very active. I did notice that the bouncer did not bounce as much as I thought it would, even at my son’s most active times of the day. It ended up being a good thing because he doesn’t spit up as much after his feedings. When he does spit up, I found it very easy to clean up the mess, and the fabric dried fairly quickly. The fabric is easily removable for a thorough cleaning. All it requires is unbuttoning at every corner of the bouncer.

Tiny-Love2The base of the bouncer is very sturdy, which helps when placed on carpet or other soft surfaces like grass (perfect for playtime at the park). Because it’s so lightweight, I can easily fold it up and carry it around. I was able to fit both the bouncer and a stroller in my trunk easily. These were all important must-haves when we were looking for an entertainer because we travel a lot to see the grandparents. My son goes to his grandparents’ house three times a week, and they love the bouncer too. They are getting older and unable to carry heavy items, but they found the bouncer to be lightweight and easy to take with them anywhere.

My living room has slowly been converted into a big activity room for our son. Having this bouncer added to the room has not cramped up our living area one bit. It doesn’t take much space at all and can easily be stashed away. I got the bouncer in red, and the design is modern which matches the overall decor of our home.

After using the bouncer for a few weeks, it has become a favorite in our household. I already know that this bouncer will be sticking around to grow with our son. Our friend came over with her son who is 9 months old, and he fit comfortably in the bouncer, too.

I know that there is a toy bar attachment made by Tiny Love that I am interested in purchasing. I think it will help keep the little one entertained because he spends a good amount of time in the bouncer. We have placed the carrier around the dinner table, in the bathroom while showering and in the kitchen when we’re preparing meals. It has been so useful and a real lifesaver. Overall, I’m very pleased with this product and can’t wait to use it for baby number two!

Price: $45
Where to buy: tinylove.com

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