Timi and Leslie 2-in-1 Backpack

By Published On: November 18th, 2013

I love bags. Purses, tote bags, luggage, you name it—but […]

I love bags. Purses, tote bags, luggage, you name it—but oh, diaper bags. As a new mom, I dreaded this purchase, as it truly was one I thought made me go from trendy professional gal to MOM. The Timi and Leslie 2-in-1 Backpack does help make the transition a bit easier, though. It certainly looks like a diaper bag (I wouldn’t be carrying on date night, that’s for sure), but I soon realized that there is a reason for diaper bags—instead of tossing everything in an old tote you already own—they are so convenient! Timi and Leslie have won me over with the amazing amount of pockets and nooks and crannies for everything I didn’t even know I needed.
TL30901SM.MAINThis bag is a convertible bag that can be carried as a backpack or a messenger bag. It comes with both straps, and they’re nicely padded and comfortable. You can pop off the shoulder strap if you just want to use it as a backpack, or you can tighten the backpack straps out of the way and use it as a shoulder bag. It also comes with stroller handles, so you can easily hang your diaper bag on your stroller. The bag is well-made with a lightweight material, and even though it’s small in size, don’t let that fool you—this guy can hold EVERYTHING.
And for an organized mama, this is a dream. There is a mesh interior pocket for every shape and size, which I quickly found was the most necessary quality when your life is chaotic and you just need to quickly reach in and find that paci. The interior of the bag is also separated into three overall compartments so you could keep colder items on one side, and keep your blanket and clothes dry on the other side. The material is easily wiped down and washable. And there are outer pockets too: a large zippered pocket, two slots for bottles on the sides, and smaller zippered pockets to stash things you’d quickly need, like lipstick and cell phones. The bag also comes with a coordinating diaper pad, which is outfitted with a sleeve for your wipes and extra diapers. I frequently take that out to use it on its own.
TL30901SM.P01.2The padded straps don’t weigh you down too much even when your bag is loaded, but I did find the messenger strap to be a bit short to carry cross-body. I have no problem throwing it over my shoulder, though. I saw complaints online of the bag being too heavy, which I feel is more a reflection of how much stuff you’ve thrown into your bag. I do not find this to be a problem unless I’ve over-zealously tried to pack in more than I need. And I also saw reviews of the bag not holding up well. It’s too early to tell that, but so far, this bag seems very sturdy.
TL30901SM.P04.1The bag itself stays standing if I need to drop it quickly on the floor. I do wish it had a handle on top though, for times when I just want to grab it quickly without having to grab for the straps and make sure it doesn’t all topple over, as the magnetic flap isn’t as sturdy as if I were able to zip it all the way up. The colors are cute, while not being entirely too feminine.
Overall, this is a great bag from a great company that knows how to take care of all of mom’s needs. If you’re looking for a cute and sturdy, easy-to-use backpack, this is the bag for you!
Price: $69.99
To buy: shoptimiandleslie.com