It’s that time again

By Published On: November 24th, 2014

When you have kids and then you go and have […]


My hair doesn’t look like this anymore.

When you have kids and then you go and have a new baby, the game is totally different. It’s not half as scary, and the wisdom of experience means you know that eventually, this baby will have to sleep. That you’ll figure out nursing—or know enough to make the switch to formula without beating yourself up about it—and maybe you’ll even settle into some sort of schedule. If not, who cares? This isn’t your first rodeo—it’ll work itself out.
I remember lots of stuff from my first three that helps with our new baby girl. But guess what I forgot?
And I mean, completely spaced.
I forgot how, right around the time my baby is close to rolling over and kinda sorta on a schedule and legit adorable, my hair starts falling out. Oh, and just for kicks, my skin starts freaking out right at the same time too.
All those baby books breeze over it—some women may experience mild hair loss yadda yadda hormones—but I’m going to give it to you straight. You will lose handfuls of the stuff in the shower. Literal handfuls. Then when you get out and comb your wet hair, you’ll lose more of it.

At this rate, we’ll both have no hair soon.

It will be everywhere. On your clothes, your kids’ clothes, your husband’s clothes. In the car, on the couch, tangled in your hair ties and all over the floor. You’ll find it in your baby’s little neck folds and in her diaper. You’ll wonder how on earth you actually have any hair left on your head. And then, magically, it’ll stop falling out in such alarming amounts, and whew, you’ll still have a decent amount left. Give it a month or so—I remember that part for sure. And hang in there.
As for post-baby skin, well, that’s another story. All those pregnancy hormones gave me magazine-perfect skin – dewy and glowing and wonderful. It fooled me into thinking this is just how my skin works. But no, it’s totally temporary. I’ve just been slapped in the face with reality—dry patches here, oil slicks there, a zit or two to really drive it all home. None of my regular lotions and potions make any difference, and I can’t remember how long this fun phase of teenage skin lasts. I’m hoping it’s over tomorrow.