Thule Urban Glide 2

By Published On: January 7th, 2016

Let’s be honest: Buying a stroller for one child is […]

Let’s be honest: Buying a stroller for one child is a piece of cake compared to choosing a ride for two. So many things to consider—do we want side-­by-­side, inline, convertible, sport style … the list goes on. After giving the Thule Urban Glide 2 a few laps around the block, it screams mobility and is perfect for an active, urban lifestyle.
487968_sized_750x800As you may imagine, the stroller arrived in a very large box. (Kudos to the delivery man!) Upon opening, we were pleasantly surprised that little assembly was required. The only work involved adding the wheels, which did not require any tools ­but a simple push of a button while sliding them into place. This, maybe, took one minute! The manual provided is very easy to follow with step-­by­-step instructions for assembly and use, along with clear illustrations for every feature. (Generally, if there are no illustrations, I’m lost.)
As my husband and I stood back and looked at it, our first comments were about its size. My husband calls it our “smart car.” Yes, it’s a bit large, but how can it not be for two children?! Unless you have a large garage or storage space in your home, it stores best folded up. As mentioned, the tires can be easily removed, so it can be stored without for a more compact space. It does fit nicely into our SUV and also into our sedan, with less room to spare.
ThuleUrbanGlide2BIt requires two hands to fold, but has an easy-to-find slide bar at the foot of the stroller with side straps to secure the closure. To unfold, it is very easy to grab the handles, lift, and bring to an upright standing position. The stroller is a very light 32 pounds, making this an easy task. It is sleek, modern and has a sporty feel. I would say it is an attractive stroller. The stroller is very light, but I can immediately tell that the quality is top­notch. All parts are sturdy and glide, and slide into place easily.
The kiddos seem to love the ride! The seat is padded and soft with plenty of vents for airflow and observation. The straps have many adjustable pieces that fit well to kids of varying age and size, with a minimum age recommendation of 6 months. The seat can be adjusted to a full recline with a drawstring­-like mechanism behind the seat. When this is done, an extra vent is opened for more parent-to-child visibility. The seat is very roomy and will fit a growing child for years, with a maximum weight of 100 pounds.
ThuleUrbanGlide2CAs this is considered a “sports stroller”, it only makes sense that the fabric is easy to wipe down. I used warm water with mild soap, as recommended, after my daughter jumped in multiple mud puddles during a stroll. The mixed mess of dried and wet dirt cleaned off easily.
There are a variety of compartments including a large one underneath the seat with a water-resistant cover. Multiple accessories can be purchased for the Urban Glide 2 through their website including a snack tray, cup holder, baby supporter, rain cover, mesh cover, infant car seat adapter and more. We have yet to try any of these, but I am considering the baby supporter, as we have another little one on the way! The supporter would allow you to secure a baby as young as 1 month. The stroller can be converted to attach a variety of car seat brands, but you do lose the second seat, which is a bummer.
ThuleUrbanGlide2DAll wheels are rubber and air­filled. They’re very large which enables them to handle a variety of surfaces with ease—gravel, grass, sidewalks, curbs. They can swivel, but also lock into place which is best for jogging. This ride also has rear suspension which seems to make the ride more smooth. There is an easy­-to­-use parking brake that engages with your foot and hand brake best used when more active. I appreciate the adjustable handlebar. Because I’m on the taller side, I oftentimes feel I’m hunched over when walking or jogging with certain strollers—that’s not the case with this one!
I feel that the stroller is the best option if you’re looking for a good jogger. Besides a black and grey scheme, it also comes in a gorgeous sea blue and berry red. As it is a very wide stroller, it may not always be the best option for everyday errands or areas with a lot of pedestrians in which you have to share the stroller. The only change I would make is for it to still accommodate two passengers when an infant car seat is attached.
ThuleUrbanGlide2AThe price of the stroller is a bit steep at $699. However, you’re paying for the brand name quality, durability and functionality of a fantastic active stroller.
Price: $699
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