Three reasons every mama needs mom friends

By Published On: December 8th, 2014

No matter how it happens—you get knocked up around the same […]

No matter how it happens—you get knocked up around the same time, you make excited eye contact during the pre-baby hospital tour, your kids are in the same kindergarten class—having a few friends in the same parenting boat is a total life-saver. Go out of your way to make these friends and then hold on to them for dear life. Here’s why every mama needs a few good mom friends:
IMG_13821. They’ll give it to you straight.
Your no-kiddo friends are, of course, wonderful. But there’s something about a friend with a few kids who’s been there, done that. When you call her panicking about a fever, she’s going to tell you why you don’t need to worry. When you’re out for coffee and your milk lets down on one side only—painfully apparent all over that pale purple thermal you always wear—she’s going to subtly point it out, so the old men in the corner will quit leering. Then she’ll laugh with you about it and tell you about the time she was out at a fancy dinner and ruined a silk top when her girls pulled the same maneuver on her.
2. They’re always in your corner.
It takes a village, and that village is made up of your mom friends, I swear. Need someone to run a kiddo to school because her brother is camped out on the couch with his sad face and a tummy bug? Your mom friend will not only see that your 5-year-old safely makes it to kindergarten, she’ll bring her home after school, too. Play dates, sympathetic ears and saying all the right things—that’s what these women do. And if you think about it, you do the same for them. See how that works?
3. They’re in the same shoes.
Whether you’re all working outside the home or doing the stay (or work) from home thing, you definitely have one thing in common: Mothering babies or young children is essentially putting out little fires, one after the other, with sweet moments thrown in here and there. Being able to vent about your 3-year-old’s total meltdown at Target is good for the soul. These women will not only relate completely, they’ll have you laughing about it before you even get to the best (or worst) part. Because you know a version of it happened to them just last week.