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Having a baby means that certain things inevitably happen … you take […]

Explorer Ben

Explorer Ben

Having a baby means that certain things inevitably happen … you take more photos, you care a little less about the bags under your eyes (because now you’ve earned them), and you worry a lot more about what you eat, how you speak and what you show your little one because you want to set the very best example of how to lead a happy, healthy life. And you think about the future, with less of an emphasis on yours and more on your baby’s.
This week I’ve thought about that a lot. I’ve wondered what kind of person my boy will grow up to be. The most important things are that he is kind, caring, happy and not afraid to express his feelings. I hope he grows up to be curious and hard working. Those are the most important. And I guess all of us parents want similar things.
But I’ve also thought about what he might do for a living, and as I have a wild imagination, I figured I’d write about five of those kinds of thoughts I’ve had this week.
1: Ben the water baby.
Ben has started swimming lessons. He’s been doing them for a few weeks at a specialist newborn pool not far from where we live, and he loves it. While most babies cry as they get into the slightly tepid water, he looks so relaxed and cool, so maybe he’s going to be a marine biologist or a deep sea treasure hunter—or the next award winning nature videographer. Or an explorer like his pic might suggest.
2: Ben the musician.
Now, he is at the age where when a toy is placed in his hand, he bashes on the first thing he can find (usually my head). So of course the thought was, a drummer for a massive band like the Foo Fighters? Or maybe a classical percussionist?
3: Ben the rock climber.
Being a keen rock climber myself this one I think of often, every time he grabs my fingers with his vice like grip I wonder, will he take after his daddy, but be much, much better?
4: Ben the poet.
This one’s quite funny really, although I wasn’t there and this is all from what my partner has told me. He was with his little friend Harriet, and he leaned in to get, what looked like a little kiss. She moved away, which made him cry. Maybe he’s going to be sensitive and become a poet laureate?
And finally…
5: Ben the sports star.
The reason I think that he might be some sort of sports star is his complete lack of fear. My partner and I are always whooshing him in the air like he’s on a roller-coaster or pretending he is a rocket ship as we fly him around the house, and it’s become very clear that he loves moving fast. He giggles the faster we move, so maybe, that lack of fear and love of moving fast might translate to some sort of sport, like snowboarding, or maybe some sort of Olympic event?
Quite the list of potential careers isn’t it?
And here’s the thing that’s ironic about it all: Although I’ve been thinking and over thinking about these thoughts of the future, I realized this week that I really and truly don’t care. I don’t care what Ben grows up to be as long as he is happy. That’s it. I only want my little boy to grow up to be deliriously happy. Nothing else matters.
So Ben, if you read this in 25 years and your anything from a bricklayer to a ballet dancer, it’s all good with me as long as you smile because of it.

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