This does not look comfortable

By Published On: April 8th, 2013

Since Isaac started rolling over, he has wanted to sleep […]

040813aim-featureSince Isaac started rolling over, he has wanted to sleep on his stomach. The “Back is Best” campaign has been a good one, because nothing strikes fear in a first-time mom’s heart like seeing her baby sleeping on his belly.  I know they say once a baby rolls himself over, its fine for them to sleep like that, but it still freaked me out at first.
I’m a self-proclaimed worrywart anyway. Even with my video monitor, I still go in to check on him about once an hour.
The other night, we had put Isaac down to bed at his usual 7:00 p.m. bedtime. We were making dinner and talking when I looked at the monitor.
“Uh, honey?  Does it look like Isaac’s head is… backwards?”
I’m not sure I’ve ever ascended a flight of stairs so quickly. I arrived in the nursery half expecting to have been fooled by the monitor. But no, he had contorted himself in such a way that his head, for all intensive purposes WAS FACING BACKWARDS, Exorcist style. My heart dropped, and I did what any mother would.  I broke the cardinal rule, and I woke the sleeping baby! Of course, he was sound asleep, so when I picked him up, his neck went limp. Which, only exasperated my fear. Poor child. I proceeded to wake him completely, and even took him downstairs for a few minutes to make sure he was okay. He was fine. Good thing babies are bendy!
Since then he’s taken to rolling over and sleeping with his face pressed firmly against the mattress. Ugh.
What’s the weirdest position your baby has ever slept in?